Abbey of Sant’Antimo

Abbey of Sant’Antimo: Discover this 12th-century Abbey amongst the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Relish in the monks’ chanting and be transported back in time.Abbey Sant'Antimo

You will find this beautiful yet isolated Abbey Sant’Antimo near Montalcino, Tuscany. You will not be able to find a better remaining example of a romanesque religious building in Italy.

Legend has it that Charlemagne founded the abbey in 781. According to the tale, an angel appeared to him, giving him the cure to the strange illness afflicting his troops at the time. As a sign of gratitude, Charles the Great built this church. However, it is more widely accepted that this church dates back to the 12th Century.

Upon entering the church, visitors will find themselves back in the austere world of Middle-Age monastic life. The travertine stone and lofty interiors create an incredible yet sobering setting.

Within these walls, you can also hear the gorgeous tones of the monks’ daily recitals of Gregorian chants. We advise you to look ahead at the schedule, however, as this only happens a couple of times a day!

Whilst visiting the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, you can also enjoy its truly stunning location. You will find it on a large flat plain filled with Tuscan olive groves and wheat fields. You can enjoy this landscape all the more if arriving at the abbey by car. On your way you will notice the beautiful vineyards, rolling hills, and sparsely dotted farmhouses of the delightful Tuscan countryside.

You can access the Abbey Sant’Antimo via the road from Montalcino to Castelnuovo dell’Abate. Car is probably the easiest way to access this site. Moreover, you will be able to pop out of the Abbey and into the countryside for lunch before returning, should you so wish.




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