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Browse our vaste collection of Orvieto villas and discover Italy’s hilltop towns. They were initially built as a natural means of security for the towns’ inhabitants. Today’s quaint settings of these ancient elevated communities offer a glimpse back in time. Admire their age-old, stunning architecture and slower pace of life. The hilltop town of Orvieto, with its 14th-century Duomo and narrow medieval streets, is no exception.

The best way to get into town is taking the funicular, which offers spectacular views on the way up. Once you arrive in Orvieto, there are many sights to see. For example, the Duomo, Piazza del Popolo, St. Patrick’s Well, and the Medieval Quarter are only a few that the center houses. The best part is that all these sights are easily accessible by foot but buses and taxis are also available. A villa rental near Orvieto allows you to not only explore the many sights in the town of Orvieto, but also much of the Umbrian countryside. Located far from Orvieto are two other fairy-tale-like hilltop towns: Narni and Todi. Both Narni and Todi are easily accessible from your villa rental near Orvieto.

Narni may sound familiar to you, as C.S Lewis named his now-famous imaginary land of Narnia after the city. The city may have become famous thanks to its imaginary namesake, but it offers much more to its visitors. Architecturally speaking, Narni is famous for having one of the largest Roman bridges ever built. Even though only one arch of the Ponte d’Agosto remains today, one can easily imagine the size of the original structure. Nearby, Todi was once named the world’s most livable city by the Italian press. This medieval town makes for a lovely day trip from your private villa in Umbria. Start planning your holiday to mystical Umbria and its magical hilltop towns today!

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