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Puglia’s Salento region is home to the architecturally stunning art city of Lecce. It is also home to the popular seaside cities of Otranto and Gallipoli. Moreover, in this area you can find the famous marina of Santa Maria de Leuca. In fact, you will find countless other small traditional seaside and countryside towns and villages in Salento.

Salento is delineated by Taranto in the Northwest and Brindisi in the Northeast. It extends all the way down to where the Ionian and Adriatic seas meet – the heel of Italy’s boot. Once a wild southern terrain, in more recent years travelers from far and wide have flocked to the now popular region. It mainly attracts those looking to escape to a region with a slower daily pace.

Here you have a variety of property options. You can choose between seaside villas, beautifully restored luxury farmhouses (locally known as masserie) and even historic Palazzos. The Salento area of Puglia has a variety of options for your next holiday in Italy. Here at SopranoVillas we have sifted through to find the cream of the crop for you! For those who prefer a seaside holiday, the cities of Otranto, Castro, Santa Maria di Leuca and Gallipoli all provide great options. Santa Maria di Leuca is an important southern city because of its famous lighthouse. You may also know it for the beautiful marina, where you can hire a boat for a day. In fact, you can even hire them for an extended holiday on the Mediterranean! In addition to the plentiful properties close to the main cities, you can also enjoy more secluded options. Salento masserie, trulli, or luxury villas along the coast with private access to the sea will ensure a truly relaxing holiday. However, the seaside is not the only beautiful location Salento has to offer! Lecce is one of the largest cities in Salento and its unique architecture, known as barocco leccese, attracts many visitors from both Italy and abroad. Whether you choose to stay on the coast or further inland, Salento is sure to impress!

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29 available villas in Italy

Ionian Sea Villa | Puglia
“Just a few kilometres from the white beaches of the Apulian Ionian Sea and surrounded by the famous Manduira vineyards, this ravishing villa blends an…
10+2 5 5
From 7350€ /week
Upon request
Salento Colorful Villa | Puglia
“The Salento Colorful Villa offers comfortable, modern and colorful interiors. Its stunning pool and close proximity to the sea make it the ideal Puglia holiday…
6+2 4 3
From 1230€ /week
Upon request
Salento Large Swimming Pool Villa | Puglia
A traditional house overlooking the sea Swimming pool Footpath to the sea Unforgettable sunset
14+4 7 6
From 5500€ /week
Upon request
Salento Modern Villa | Puglia
“With its contemporary style and spacious interiors, this Villa provides guests with the best of luxuries whilst being a short drive away from spectacular beaches”…
8+4 6 6
From 1960€ /week
Upon request
Torre Vado Villa | Puglia
Overlooking the striking coast of Santa Maria di Leuca Grand views of the sea Swimming pool Nearby sandy beaches
11 4 4
From 1980€ /week
Upon request
Santa Maria di Leuca Panoramic Villa | Puglia
“Hidden in the hills of Santa Maria di Leuca and surrounded by ancient olive trees, lies this luxurious contemporary Mediterranean villa offering exquisite views. Thanks…
6+1 3+1 3
From 3250€ /week
Upon request
Salento Seaview Villa | Puglia
Near some of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Apulia Swimming pool Amazing views of the sea Terraced garden
8 4 3
From 1920€ /week
Upon request
Salento White Villa | Puglia
At a short drive from the stunning white beaches of the Ionian coast Salt water swimming pool Countryside architecture Surrounded by olive groves
12 6 5
From 2235€ /week
Upon request
Ostuni Seaside Luxury Suite | Puglia
“The Ostuni Seaside Luxury Suite allows you to benefit from the best of both worlds: the independence and privacy of your own home together with…
2 1 1
From 6300€ /week
Upon request
Ostuni Cosy Villa | Puglia
“Having been standing for over 200 years, this Ostuni Cosy Villa has been recently renovated and adapted to provide guests with utmost comfort and tranquility”.…
6+2 2 2
From 2070€ /week
Upon request
Muro Leccese Large Villa | Puglia
“This large Puglia villa is located in a historical palazzo heart of the charming town of Muro Leccese, a short distance from Lecce, with an internal courtyard, beautiful outdoor…
18 8 9
From 7250€ /week
Upon request
Palazzo Castrignano del Capo | Puglia
“Enveloped in a timeless atmosphere, this historical palazzo stands in the town of Castrignano del Capo, in the deep south of Salento, a stone’s throw…
9 5 5
From 4750€ /week
Upon request
Muro Leccese Small House | Puglia
“This historic Puglia accommodation is set in an ancient palazzo in the heart of the charming town of Muro Leccese, a short distance from Lecce, with a private garden, beautiful outdoor…
11 5 4
From 5440€ /week
Upon request
Crystal Water Villa | Puglia
Between Manduria and the amazing white beaches of Salento Infinity pool with waterfall Luxury interiors 10 minutes from the sea
8+1 4 4
From 2560€ /week
Upon request
Gallipoli Family Villa | Puglia
“A newly restored villa with swimming pool near the coastal village of Gallipoli, at a stone’s throw from the sea. Ideal for families and beach…
11 4 5
From 3130€ /week
Upon request
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