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Maremma Villas

Maremma is an area in Tuscany which extends approximately 120 km along the coastline and 75 km inland. The area is known for its unspoiled rustic beauty and does not see the same levels of tourism as many other parts of the Italian coastline. Maremma can further be broken down into 5 main areas, 3 of which run along the coast.The coastal regions consist of the Metalliferous Hills in the north, the Grosseto area in the middle and the Argentario Coast in the south. While most Maremma holiday villa rentals are located in these 3 areas along the coast, you can also find wonderful holiday escapes inland in the areas of Amiata and the Fiora Valley. If you’re looking for a seaside holiday away from crowds of tourists, then Maremma and the Argentario Coast is the perfect location.

The Argentario Coast is probably one of the most sought after areas for those wishing to rent a Maremma holiday villa. Along the coast sits the wonderfully charming towns of Talamone and Ansedonia further to the south. Talamone, like other parts of Maremma, has a long history but more recently was a traditional fishing village, remnants of which you can still see today. If you choose to rent a villa in Ansedonia, you’re sure to escape the hustle and bustle of other holiday makers, with villas almost hidden among the lush vegetation. Further inland, looking out onto the Tyrrhenian sea lies the medieval town of Capalbio. With a history dating back to the bronze age, this beautiful, characteristic town is also just moments from long stretches of sandy beaches, making it the perfect Italian holiday destination. From luxury villas to historic castles, quaint cottages or villas to host your family and friends, SopranoVillas has many exclusive options which are sure to provide the perfect based for an unforgettable holiday in Tuscany’s Maremma area.

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Properties listed in "Maremma Villas"

Oaks Manor | Tuscany
location Magliano,
from 4750 €
Granduca Historic Residence | Tuscany
location Campiglia Marittima,
from 10000 €
Almar Capalbio Villa | Tuscany
location Pescia Fiorentina,
from 9200 €