Luxury Villas to rent in Sardinia: Our best 2024 selection

Envision your ideal holiday on the enchanting island of Sardinia, a paradise of crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and rugged landscapes. At SopranoVillas, we specialize in making this vision a reality, providing an exquisite selection of luxury villas to suit every preference and occasion. Whether you’re dreaming of a tranquil beachfront haven, a rustic country house amidst rolling hills, or a spacious family-friendly residence, Sardinia offers an unparalleled experience. Join us as we guide you through our curated collection of the finest villas in Sardinia, each promising an unforgettable journey into the heart of this Mediterranean gem.

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Experience the Luxury of Sardinian Villas

Envision a vacation home of your dreams, cozily tucked in the heart of Sardinia, extending striking views of the clear Mediterranean Sea and embodying the epitome of opulence. With a unique selection of properties, we ensure a luxurious stay backed by a dedicated team focused on finding the perfect home for your holidays.

From your first contact until the end of your stay, we provide individualized service, working relentlessly to fulfill your wishes and craft an ideal Italian journey.

Costa Smeralda’s Gems

A journey through Sardinia would be incomplete without exploring the gems of Costa Smeralda. This region lives up to its name with emerald waters, white sandy beaches, and world-class restaurants. This stunning 20km stretch along the Northeastern Sardinian coast, also known as the Emerald Coast, offers more than just beautiful beaches; it’s a gateway to luxury and exclusivity.

The fame of Costa Smeralda reaches its well-known areas such as:

  • Porto Cervo
  • Liscia di Vacca
  • Capriccioli
  • Romazzino
  • Cala di Volpe

Each area offers unique attractions, from high-end boutiques and restaurants to quaint villages and secluded beaches.

For privacy seekers, the serene corners of Costa Smeralda provide a retreat from the world, crowning it as a true treasure on Sardinia’s northeastern coast, not far from the equally stunning Costa Paradiso.

Porto Cervo’s Prestige

Beyond Costa Smeralda’s sandy beaches and emerald waters, lies the prestigious Porto Cervo, a hub of luxury and exclusivity. Here, luxury villas merge modern and traditional architecture, boasting amenities like private pools, gyms, and breathtaking sea views. Nestled near the renowned Pevero Golf Hill, these villas truly epitomize the essence of lavish accommodation.

The distinguishing factor of Porto Cervo is the bespoke experience it brings forward. Numerous nearby villas offer concierge services, promising a vacation of maximum ease. Whether you desire a private chef, boat rentals, or other exclusive guest services, the dedicated staff at Porto Cervo can arrange it all, making your stay as comfortable and luxurious as possible.

Family-Friendly Villa Rentals in Sardinia

Not just a haven for luxury seekers, Sardinia also offers perfect getaways for families. Imagine:

  • Spacious living areas where families can create lasting memories
  • Gardens where children can revel in the outdoors
  • Amenities that cater specifically to the little ones

These family-oriented luxury villa rentals blend luxury with comfort, guaranteeing memorable holidays for the entire family.

Child-Friendly Facilities

Child-friendly facilities are a cornerstone of Sardinia villa rental options, especially for family-friendly Sardinia villas. Villas like Villa Stella in Southern Sardinia provide fenced swimming pools, ensuring a safe and fun environment for kids. Similarly, Porto Rotondo eco retreat Villa features a huge swimming pool ideal for families with older children.

Additionally, these villas extend beyond safety and amusement; they afford the seclusion and liberty families treasure. The ample living spaces in holiday homes and apartments allow families to dine at their convenience while enjoying their private space uninterrupted. The accommodation services in Sardinia are designed to assist visiting families, offering quality stays and the arrangement of key collections through friendly staff who are readily available to provide local tips and assistance.

Private Beach Access and Stunning Sea Views

Is there a better way to relish an island retreat than private beach access and marvelous ocean views? Some villas in Sardinia offer this exclusive feature, adding a touch of luxury and privacy to your holiday experience.

From private beachfront properties to panoramic sea-view villas, visitors can enjoy the spectacular coastal landscapes from their lodgings.

Exclusive Beachfront Properties

Whether you’re a beach enthusiast or a lover of serene coastal regions, Sardinia’s exclusive beachfront properties cater to all tastes. These villas offer guests unparalleled access to some of the island’s most beautiful beaches, merging luxury with the natural allure of the seaside.

Properties such as Portobello Beachfront Villa and Porto Rotondo Private Bay Villa provide guests with the following features:

  • Direct access to secluded beaches
  • Private beaches
  • Seafront terraces
  • Proximity to tranquil coastal regions

With such exclusive retreats, guests can savor the best of Sardinia’s coastal beauty at the best Sardinia villas.

Indulge in Local Cuisine and Culture

A trip to Sardinia is not whole without delving into its rich cuisine and culture. From tasting traditional pasta dishes like culurgiones and malloreddus to participating in local festivals, guests can immerse themselves in the authentic Sardinian lifestyle.

Sardinian Flavors at Your Villa

Savoring Sardinian flavors doesn’t mean you have to leave your villa. Why not hire a personal chef to prepare sumptuous meals right in your fully-equipped kitchen? These chefs specialize in showcasing the island’s traditional cuisine by creating tailored menus that use fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

This tailored culinary experience can be modified to match guests’ dietary preferences and needs, promising a gratifying meal experience for all. At SopranoVillas, we offer such luxurious services that guests can indulge in a hassle-free and delightful culinary journey.

Exploring Sardinia’s Natural Wonders

Besides its opulent villas and vibrant culture, Sardinia takes pride in its many natural wonders. From coastal hikes and mountain trails to unforgettable boat trips, there’s no shortage of opportunities to explore the island’s breathtaking landscapes.

Coastal Hikes and Mountain Trails

For outdoor enthusiasts, Sardinia provides a remarkable hiking experience. The ‘Cammino 100 Torri’, an over 1,000-kilometer network of oceanfront trails encircles the island, offering a comprehensive experience for hikers. Along this path, you can enjoy historical sites, natural wonders, and the island’s distinct flora and fauna.

Trades like the Angels’ Path offer scenic beach and inlet views if you’re a beginner. For the more experienced hikers, the Ogliastra trail provides challenging terrains with breathtaking vistas of steep mountains and sea crags. With various trails, exploring Sardinia’s natural beauty is a hiker’s dream come true.

Unforgettable Boat Trips

Why not embark on a boat trip for a different perspective of Sardinia’s natural wonders? From visiting the famous La Maddalena Archipelago to snorkeling around Tavolara Island, a boat trip offers a unique way to explore the island’s diverse marine life and beautiful beaches.

On the eastern side of Sardinia, boat trips from Cala Gonone to the Gulf of Orosei showcase extraordinary natural formations, including towering limestone cliffs and hidden coves, only accessible by sea. With so many unforgettable boat trips, guests can experience Sardinia’s coastal beauty.

Enhancing Your Villa Experience

Consider supplementing your luxury villa experience with additional services like private chef services, concierge assistance, and wellness facilities for an even more memorable stay.

These services provide a personalized touch, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable vacation in Tuscany.

Best time to visit Sardinia

Knowing the optimal time to visit Sardinia can significantly enrich your vacation experience. The best time to visit this Mediterranean gem is from April to June when the flowers are in bloom, the sea is warm, and the temperatures are moderate. During these months, you can comfortably enjoy beach lounging and sightseeing.

If you prefer a more solitary experience with the most affordable room rates, November to March is considered the low season in Sardinia. Alternatively, if you don’t mind the crowds and want to experience the island’s vibrant summer scene, July and August could be perfect. However, bear in mind that these months see the highest accommodation rates.

Traveling to Sardinia: By Air, Road, and Ship

Getting to Sardinia is easier than you might think. The island is catered by three primary airports: Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, Alghero-Fertilia “Riviera del Corallo” Airport, and Cagliari-Elmas Airport. These airports are connected by various airlines, offering direct flights from different European cities.

For those who prefer to travel by sea, there are several ferry routes from:

  • Rome
  • Genoa
  • Naples
  • France
  • Spain

Once on the island, you can rent a car to explore at your own pace. The main road networks in Sardinia are in good condition, and there are no toll roads, making it easy to navigate the island.

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