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Surrounded by the Mediterranean, Sicily is a great option for those looking for a getaway on the sea. Moreover, SopranoVillas will help you find your perfect Sicily villas. We can offer everything from properties with a private beach, to beautifully restored farmhouses, to hilltop eco-retreats. In this southern area of Italy, you can often swim even in November, or see flowers blooming in February. It is truly an ideal escape from cooler locations.

Sicily and its surrounding islands can offer you more than you could imagine. Here you will find stunning views and ancient archaeological sites. Moreover you can go trekking, do water sports, or simply relax on a beach. Sicily welcomes all types of travellers! SopranoVillas offers Sicily villas for rent in or close to the cities of Siracusa, Mondello, Cefalù, and also Portopalo. For those searching for a historically rich holiday, the 2,700 year old Siracusa is sure to please. Alternatively, Mondello has recently transformed from a sleepy fishing village into a main tourist destination. It is perfect for those searching for beautiful sandy beaches. At the southernmost point of Sicily, you’ll also find the sleepy fishing village of Portopalo. This has fantastic sandy beaches and the historic 16th Century Forte di Portopalo. Furthermore, while on the northern coast of Sicily you’ll find another great mix of culture and seaside in the historic city of Cefalù. More adventurous travellers may wish to stay at a villa located on one of the islands surrounding Sicily. These include Favignana, Salina, Filicudi, and Panarea. Located just off the northwestern coast of Sicily is the island of Favignana. It is famous for its tuna fishing and has moreover become a well-known tourist destination. On Favignana you can rent a Sicily villa on the gorgeous beaches. Alternatively, we also have properties set high above the town, allowing for amazing views. To the northeast of the island of Sicily are the Aeolian Islands, on which SopranoVillas offers a variety of accommodation options on Salina, Filicudi, and Panarea. On these islands you can moreover find your perfect getaway. Enjoy a Salina villa rental with a private beach, or even a Filicudi, secluded, eco-friendly villa with stunning views over the Mediterranean. Sicily is sure to please every type of traveller!

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52 available villas in Italy

Etna Delightful Villa | Sicily
“Right at the foot of Mount Etna’s natural park, this beautiful villa displays spacious, comfortable and stylishly designed interiors. Its numerous outside areas and its…
6+1 3 5
From 2615€ /week
Filicudi Seaview Villa | Aeolian Islands
5 minutes walking from the beach of Pecorini Panoramic terrace Majestic view of the sea Traditional architecture
6 3 2
From 1420€ /week
Cefalù Charming Villa | Sicily
“With a captivating panorama of the coast and its clear waters, the views of this Cefalù Charming Villa are difficult to beat.” Towering over the…
8 3 3
From 2500€ /week
Filicudi Panoramic Villa | Sicily
A luxury mansion overlooking the Aeolian Islands. Flowered garden on Aeolian archipelago Fully equipped Best location on the island
8 4 3
From 1500€ /week
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Taormina Beach Villa | Sicily
“A beautiful property set in an idyllic setting, this Taormina Beach Villa is sure to be the perfect Summer getaway for you and your family.…
16 7 6
From 5200€ /week
Erice Mountain View Villa | Sicily
“Offering panoramic mountain views while still close to the sea, this Sicilian villa dates back to the 1800s. Recently renovated, the Villa beautifully maintains the…
6+2 3 4
From 4000€ /week
Panarea Panoramic Villa | Sicily
Overlooking the island of Stromboli, with its fumaroles Unforgettable panoramic terraces 5 minutes walk from the sea Traditional Aeolian architecture
4 3
From 3300€ /week
Syracuse Luxury Seafront Villa | Sicily
“Syracuse Luxury Villa is a unique villa situated within the protected marine area of ​​Plemmirio in Syracuse, Sicily. The property extends over a headland of…
7 4 4
From 6000€ /week
Etna Enchanting Villa | Sicily
“Refined and unique interiors together with a spa, swimming pool and tennis court – the Etna Enchanting Villa goes above and beyond to offer you…
6 3 2
From 3800€ /week
Sciacca Seaview Villa | Sicily
“This magical property on the South coast of Sicily will inspire you. It enchants, enthralls and captivates anyone who wishes to spend some time on…
10 5 5
From 4050€ /week
Minerva Seashore Villa | Sicily
“Featuring an outstanding position right on the beach, this Sicilian Villa offers the ultimate terrace on the Mediterranean. Ideal for nature lovers and sea enthusiasts”…
6 4 3
From 2300€ /week
Palermo Modern Villa | Sicily
“With its bold, colourful design and gorgeous garden with a pool, the Palermo Modern Villa comfortably accommodates 4 guests in a stunning setting, just a…
4 2 2
From 2815€ /week
Pantelleria Seafront Villa | Sicily
“A charming dammuso, this typical lava stone building overlooks the sea. It also features a beautiful panoramic infinity pool from which to admire extraordinary sunsets.…
12 6 6
From 5900€ /week
The Lighthouse Villa | Favignana
“Our Lighthouse Favignana villa rental is a beautiful modern property with pool in the heart of the wild island of Favignana, and the perfect place…
6+2 3 3
From 2900€ /week
Noto Bright Villa | Sicily
“Overlooking the beautiful nature reserve of Vendicari with its rich vegetation and breathtaking beaches, this bright and modern Villa boasts bright and comfortable interiors. It…
6 3 2
From 1435€ /week
Etna Modern Villa | Sicily
“Set in the Sicilian countryside with stunning views of Mount Etna and the sea, this luxury villa combines modern interiors within a typically Sicilian frame”…
22 11 8
From on request /week
Selinunte Pool Villa | Sicily
“Immersed in the Sicilian countryside, this superb villa is the ideal holiday destination for anyone who wishes to combine nature, history and stunning beaches.” Interiors…
6 3 2
From 2100€ /week
Selinunte Charming Villa | Sicily
“With its ethnic style, The Selinunte Charming Villa combines the calm nature of the countryside, traditional Sicilian culture and proximity to the sea.” Interiors The…
6 3 3
From 2000€ /week
Filicudi Secret Villa | Sicily
A secret retreat on the Aeolian Islands Romantic atmosphere Unique and enchanting style Lovely inner garden
4+2 2 2
From 1650€ /week
Noto Exquisite Villa | Sicily
“This uniquely decorated villa is located at one of UNESCO’s most beautiful heritage sites and is at a short drive from the astonishing Sicilian coast.…
9 5 5
From 8500€ /week
Pantelleria Luxury Retreat | Sicily
“This incredible estate is made out of seven primitive dammusi, the architectural symbol of Pantelleria, settled in approximately 30 acres of olive trees, vineyards, palm…
24 12 12
From 13000€ /week
Taormina Seafront Villa | Sicily
“Elegantly furnished and designed to follow a soothing color palette, this refined 6-bedroom and 7-bathroom Villa is a superb Sicilian retreat. A private access to…
12 6 7
From 5110€ /week
Taormina Historic Country Manor | Sicily
“Located just 1km from the sea, between Catania ad Taormina, the Taormina Historic Country Manor is a real gem of a property, ideal for those…
12 6 6
From 6700€ /week
Siracusa Historic Mansion | Sicily
A fortified farmhouse in the heart of Eastern Sicily Saltwater swimming pool Turkish bath, sauna and Jacuzzi Daily maid service included
12 12
From 10500€ /week
Acireale Swimming Pool Villa | Sicily
“Not far from the artist’s dream town of Taormina, this beautiful Sicilian villa boasts Mt. Etna at its back and spectacular views of the sea…
8+5 5 4
From 7500€ /week
Noto Swimming Pool Villa | Sicily
“Built in the XIX century in the heart of Val di Noto and surrounded by the Ragusa countryside, this beautiful 6-bedroom Villa is an amazing…
16 6 7
From 1890€ /week
Filicudi Eco Lodge | Sicily
A secret eco lodge on the Aeolian Islands. Romantic atmosphere Breathtaking view on the sea Completely ecological
4 2 2
From 1900€ /week
Naxos Panoramic Villa | Sicily
« With spectacular views of the sea and of Taormina, the Naxos Panoramic Villa offers guests modern, comfortable interiors and a stunning pool. » Interiors…
8 4 4
From 4300€ /week
Avola Pool Villa | Sicily
“This Avola Pool Villa offers everything for you to spend a relaxing, fun and memorable holiday in Sicily. As well as featuring a pool and…
10 5 4
From 3410€ /week
Marausa Elegant Villa | Sicily
“This stunning pool villa offers its guests spectacular views from its large panoramic terraces and a luxurious wellness centre, making it the ultimate holiday retreat.”…
5 3 3
From 1660€ /week
Siracusa Elegant Villa | Sicily
“The Siracusa Elegant Villa offers beautiful, elegant interiors and a stunning pool, all within a 5min drive from the coast.” Interiors Recently restructured, this antique…
8 5 3
From 2580€ /week
Acireale Seafront Villa | Sicily
“Right on the edge of the Sicilian coast, this beautiful Villa perfectly merges with its landscape and offers spectacular views from its numerous terrace areas.”…
8 4 4
From 3015€ /week
La Guardia Seaview Villa | Aeolian Islands
“Our La Guardia Seaview villa is situated in the heart of Filicudi with beautiful views out over the island and surrounding sea: the perfect place…
13 6 6
From 3450€ /week
Taormina Town Center Luxury Villa | Sicily
“A luxury villa with pool in town center of Taormina, just a few steps from the Roman theater. With an unforgettable view of the Mediterranean,…
10+4 5 5
From 9950€ /week
Etna Seaview Villa | Sicily
“Elevate your vacation experience to a new level when you stay at the Etna Seaview Villa. Its captivating vistas and deluxe contemporary design will make…
20 10 14
From 14000€ /week
Noto Design Villa | Sicily
“Immersed in the Sicilian countryside but within a short drive away from the sea, our Noto Design Villa has been this recently renovated and displays elegant,…
6 3 2
From 2710€ /week
Panarea Seafront Villa | Aeolian Islands
“Looking over the Volcanic Island of Stromboli, this cozy Villa is a true summer retreat” Interiors Following a flowery pathway overlooking the sea, a traditional…
7 2
From 2500€ /week
Mazara del Vallo Luxury Villa | Sicily
A contemporary villa on the coast of Western Sicily Swimming pool Exclusive interiors Service included
8 4 2
From 3400€ /week
Alicudi Secret Retreat | Aeolian Islands
“Perched on the volcanic island of Alicudi, the wildest of the Aeolian Archipelago, this ravishing house will pamper you with its spectacular views over the…
4 2 1
From 1000€ /week
Mondello Swimming Pool Villa | Sicily
10 minutes walking from the sandy beach of Mondello Swimming pool Lush garden with fountains Enchanted atmosphere
8 4 5
From 4470€ /week
Selinunte Green Villa | Sicily
In Western Sicily, between sandy beaches and antique temples Swimming pool Sophisticated interiors 20 hectares of land
8 4 4
From 2550€ /week
Madonie Panoramic Villa | Sicily
“Laid out over three floors, this gorgeous holiday villa is fully immersed within the Sicilian hills and offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape” Interiors…
8 4 2+1
From 2830€ /week
Filicudi Seafront Villa | Sicily
A magnificent mansion on the sea of the Aeolian Islands Breathtaking view on the sea Artistic touch in fornitures Close to Pecorini fishing village
From 3200€ /week
Filicudi Large Villa | Aeolian Islands
At a walking distance from the beach of Pecorini Amazing sea views Luxury interiors Unforgettable sunsets
4 5
From 3710€ /week
Cefalù Panoramic Villa | Sicily
“Overlooking the Sicilian coast, this Cefalù Panoramic Villa is the ultimate relaxing location, combining breathtaking views, nature and culture” Interiors With its beach house style…
8 4 3
From 2550€ /week
Filicudi Charming Villa | Aeolian Islands
A house overlooking all the Aeolian Islands Terraced garden Ravishing view of the sea Charming atmosphere
3 2
From 3000€ /week
Cefalù Swimming Pool Villa | Sicily
A luxury farmhouse with a view of the sea Traditional Sicilian architecture Panoramic swimming pool Close to beaches, golf club and horse ring
10 5 4
From 3835€ /week
Noto Family Villa | Sicily
“This newly refurbished villa is the ideal choice for families wishing to spend their holidays in Sicily. Boasting its own private garden and pool, and…
5 3 4
From 2450€ /week
Stromboli Beachfront Villa | Aeolian Islands
“One of the first properties to be built in the island, this Villa boasts a superb location. With a garden gate separating the property from…
10 5 3
From on request /week
Filicudi Family Villa | Aeolian Islands
“Exhaling a very easy going character, this Villa is perfect for families and friends looking for enjoyable moments in the island of Filicudi.” Interiors This…
3 2
From 2060€ /week
Filicudi Elegant Villa | Aeolian Islands
A house with a grand view of the Mediterranean Super panoramic terrace Traditional Aeolian architecture Renovated with mastery
6+1 3 4
From 3710€ /week
Cefalù Family Villa | Sicily
“With its multiple terraces facing the gorgeous Sicilian coastline, this modern Cefalù Family Villa merges with its postcard landscape and constitutes the perfect holiday destination”…
10 5 4
From 2850€ /week
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