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Browse our collection of hand-picked Argentario villas and discover the lesser-known coast of Tuscany with SopranoVillas. The Monte Argentario land mass was once an island. Today it is connected to the Italian mainland via three narrow stretches of land, which form two lagoons. Located off the Tuscan coast, the area was once owned by the Domitii Ahenobarbi family, in return for lending money to the Roman Republic.

In fact, this is likely where the name of the land came from. In Ancient Rome, argentarii meant money lenders. This rocky promontory consists of a few main settlements. These include Porto Santo Stefano, Porto Ercole and Isola Rossa. Furthermore, the beautiful seaside towns of Ansedonia and Talamone are in mainland Italy. Whether you are searching for a quaint cottage for two or a luxury villa for a large group, you will find your ideal Monte Argentario holiday villa with SopranoVillas. Porto Ercole, meaning Port Hercules, is one of the main towns in the Argentario area and is probably most well-known as the place where Caravaggio died in 1610. Today, the town is a true delight for holiday-makers looking for rest or high-end shopping. Even golf fanatics can take in an 18-hole golf course. Isola Rossa offers the most unspoiled and rugged terrain of Argentario. It is the perfect place for nature lovers to find their perfect Monte Argentario holiday villa. Monte Argentario is also perfect for those who prefer the crystal-clear waters of pebble beaches. Inland, you’ll find Talamone to the north and Ansedonia to the south. Both of these offer the typical sandy beaches of the Tuscan coastline. Talamone also has a history attached to it, and it retains many of its historical structures today. For those looking for a great mix of a beach holiday, cultural excursions, or day trips to nearby islands, Talamone is an excellent choice. Alternatively, by renting a villa in Ansedonia, you’re sure to escape the hustle and bustle. Many of the villas are almost hidden among the lush vegetation. With a varied selection of holiday villas in Monte Argentario for all types of travelers, SopranoVillas can help you plan the perfect Tuscan summer holiday.


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