Discover Elegance on the Greens: Golf Club Lamborghini in Panicale, Italy

Welcome to a world where luxury meets the fairway, amidst the rolling hills of Italy’s countryside. For those seeking an unparalleled golfing experience that combines sport with sophistication, finding the perfect retreat can be a challenge.

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Golf enthusiasts and connoisseurs of elegance often search for that rare place where their love for the game aligns with their taste for finery.

Nestled near Lake Trasimeno lies Golf Club Lamborghini, born from Eng. Ferruccio Lamborghini’s vision—a course not just designed for play but crafted as a masterpiece of scenery and sport.

Our article will guide you through this exclusive enclave’s scenic views, tailored amenities, and the exquisite blend of golfing pleasure with Italian charm. Discover how every swing and putt at this club is part of a grander lifestyle symphony.

Prepare to elevate your game – let’s explore an iconic destination unlike any other.

Overview of the Golf Course

Enveloping its patrons in a tapestry of lush fairways and manicured greens, Golf Club Lamborghini is more than a mere challenge for the avid golfer; it is an encounter with grace and precision sculpted upon the landscape.

Here, every stroke is a dialogue with the artistry of golf, set against a backdrop that whispers tales of vintage class and modern luxury.

The Characteristics and Unique Features

The Lamborghini Golf Club stands as a testament to elegance and precision, mirroring the distinguished essence of its namesake automaker. Each fairway unfurls like a verdant carpet, inviting players to indulge in an experience veiled in luxury.

Meticulously designed greenways blend with strategic water hazards, challenging even the most skilled golfers while offering a spectacle for the senses.

This masterpiece celebrates not only sport but also innovative collaboration, hosting golf clubs crafted by Honma Golf specifically for this venue’s patrons. Every element, from the putting green to the driving range, speaks of an unwavering commitment to quality that resonates with aficionados of opulence and craftsmanship.

Here lies a realm where style meets performance—the quintessence of the Lamborghini legacy transformed into an unrivaled golfing encounter.

The 9-hole Layout

Building upon the distinctive charm of Golf Club Lamborghini, the 9-hole layout emerges as a testament to golfing tradition and innovation. Amongst wooded hills and valleys, each hole challenges players with its own unique topographical identity, ensuring that the adventure begins anew on every tee.

Crafted with respect for the game’s storied past, traditional bulkheads and railroad ties are not merely functional elements but narrate echoes of classic courses.

Engagement at this level transcends mere play; it is an encounter with history shaped by manicured landscapes. The shorter round invites enthusiasts to immerse in luxury golf without committing to a full day on the links—an ideal blend for those who appreciate elegance within their busy life rhythms.

This masterful design piece allows lovers of Sangiovese or Cabernet Sauvignon to savor wine in a round in much the same way one enjoys a fine wine—thoughtfully, leisurely, and with deep appreciation for quality that stands time’s test.

Amenities at Golf Club Lamborghini

Stepping into the Golf Club Lamborghini, one is enveloped in an atmosphere of opulent comfort, where every service and facility has been curated to exceed the expectations of the most discerning guest.

Here, luxury transcends mere convenience, offering a symphony of elegant experiences that cater to both your passion for golf and your desire for refined leisure.

Club Amenities

Experience the epitome of luxury and culture at Golf Club Lamborghini, where our exclusive facilities cater to your every need. Members delight in an array of sophisticated amenities designed to enhance the golfing experience.

Restaurant and Pro Shop

Beyond the plush comforts of Club Amenities, Golf Club Lamborghini invites members to indulge in wine, culinary delights and acquire the finest golfing equipment under one elegant roof. The club house not only stands out as a sanctuary for relaxation but also doubles as an inviting restaurant and bar.

Here, patrons savor delectable fare in a setting that overlooks the pristine courses, creating moments to relish amid their game.

In tandem with tantalizing tastes, the Pro Shop offers a curated selection of golf essentials and luxuries reflective of Golf Club Lamborghini’s commitment to excellence. Whether italy refining your game with state-of-the-art gear or selecting from upscale accessories, each purchase from pro shop promises enhancement of your golfing repertoire.

Transactions glide seamlessly with options for credit card payments including MasterCard, Visa and PayPal; while ensuring security deposits and surcharges are transparently conveyed to protect any liabilities that may arise during your visit.

Rental Options

Easing from the culinary delights of the restaurant and the retail therapy of the Pro Shop, Golf Club Lamborghini extends its luxury offerings to accommodate your play requirements with exceptional rental options. Indulgence meets convenience for those who prefer to travel light or simply wish to experience the pinnacle of golfing equipment.

Reviews and Ratings of Golf Club Lamborghini

Golf enthusiasts often share their experiences at Golf Club Lamborghini, noting its well-kept fairways and the challenge each hole presents. The club receives high marks for its meticulous maintenance and the quality of service provided by attentive staff.

Guests frequently mention enjoying post-game refreshments with a glass of merlot from the bar in the region, reflecting on a day well-spent.

Visitors particularly appreciate the course’s design, which incorporates natural beauty and tough play. They leave reviews highlighting memorable shots and strategic gameplay that Golf Club Lamborghini encourages.

With ratings that reflect satisfaction in both luxury and sport, this golf course stands out as a must-visit destination for those who savor culture alongside their love of golf.


Step onto the verdant fairways of Golf Club Lamborghini, where every drive resonates with the roar of luxury. Let the sculpted greens challenge your prowess amidst Italy’s breath-taking landscapes.

Experience exclusivity as you traverse this course, a masterpiece echoing Lamborghini’s legacy of elegance and performance. Embrace an unparalleled golfing expedition that stays etched in memory, inviting not just a game but a transformation into a realm of sophistication.

Here, every swing is a statement; your game, an artful journey mingled with Italian finesse.


What should I do when I check in at Golf Club Lamborghini?

As you arrive, promptly check in at the exclusive reception area where our staff will ensure your experience begins with elegance and ease.

Is Golf Club Lamborghini liable for any lost items during my visit?

While we take great care to safeguard your belongings, we advise securing travel insurance as Golf Club Lamborghini can’t be liable for personal items or property that are misplaced or stolen.

Can I purchase travel insurance through Golf Club Lamborghini?

We recommend arranging your own travel insurance prior to your visit; however, our concierge would be delighted to assist you with recommendations tailored to your needs.

Will my travel insurance cover any potential accidents on the course?

Typically, travel insurance policies cover sports-related incidents, but it’s essential you confirm this coverage directly with your provider before teeing off at our world-class course.

What distinguishes Golf Club Lamborghini from other courses in the Panicale region?

Golf Club Lamborghini, unlike any Panicale golf club, offers a unique blend of luxury and sport. Eng. Ferruccio Lamborghini’s vision has crafted a course that stands out for its meticulous design and scenic beauty, providing a golfing experience that is both challenging and aesthetically pleasing.

How does the hilly landscape close to Lake Trasimeno enhance the golfing experience at Golf Club Lamborghini?

The hilly landscape close to Lake Trasimeno adds a picturesque and challenging dimension to Golf Club Lamborghini. Golfers enjoy not only the sport but also the breathtaking views and natural contours that make each round an exciting and unique experience.

Does Golf Club Lamborghini offer dining options at a good restaurant or bar on the property?

Yes, Golf Club Lamborghini boasts a good restaurant and bar located on the property site, offering exquisite dining experiences. Patrons can savor gourmet meals and fine wines in a luxurious setting, making their visit enjoyable both on and off the course.

Can I play at Lamborghini Golf Club throughout the year, including months like April and September?

Yes, Lamborghini Golf Club is open throughout the year, including in months like April and every week in September. The club’s excellent maintenance ensures superb playing conditions every week, regardless of the season.

Are there any specific challenges presented by the holes and stretches at Golf Club Lamborghini?

Each hole and stretch at Golf Club Lamborghini presents its own unique challenge. The course design, influenced by the surrounding landscape, offers varied terrains and strategic obstacles that test the skills of golfers at every level.

What facilities are available for guests needing to use a phone or access Wi-Fi during their visit?

Golf Club Lamborghini provides guests with access to phone services and free Wi-Fi across the club. These amenities ensure that guests can stay connected and manage any essential phone communications during their visit.

Does Golf Club Lamborghini have a specific par for its golf course?

Yes, Golf Club Lamborghini has a designated par for five holes located on its golf course, reflecting the level of challenge and skill required. The par is set to offer a balanced experience for both amateur and professional golfers.

For those traveling to Umbria, is Golf Club Lamborghini easily accessible?

Golf Club Lamborghini is conveniently located and easily accessible for those traveling to Umbria. The club’s prime location near key transportation routes makes it an ideal destination for golf enthusiasts visiting the region.

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