Talamone: discover a place filled with water sports opportunities, two natural parks, and also a rich and interesting history.

You will find Talamone in the Maremma area on the West coast of Tuscany. It lies on the southern border of the Uccellina mountain range, and stands on a large rocky hill. This overlooks the shoreline known as the Silver Coast, and of course the Tyrrhenian Sea beyond.

Legend has it that the name Talamone comes from the Greek hero, Telamon. He was Achille’s cousin, and an Argonaut that accompanied Jason. The history of the town is vast. In fact, spears and other remains that archeologists have discovered here date back to Neolithic times. Talamone is also where the pediment of an Ancient temple depicting ‘The Seven against Thebes’ was found. This is now displayed at the Archeological Museum of Orbetello.

Talamone rose to fame when Giuseppe Garibaldi halted here in 1860. He was on his famous Expedition of the Thousand, which in turn placed Talamone on the map for the rest of Italy if not the rest of Europe. Within the town, some of the main attractions include the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta and the Chiesa di Madonna delle Grazie. You will also find a few towers such as the Torre di Capo d’Uomo and the Torre delle Cannelle. These types of building offer traditional architecture, works of art, and also views from the top of the towers.

The fortress that overlooks this town originally dates back to the 1200s. However, after many battles and sieges, the fortress was rebuilt several times. The Sienese rebuilt it in the 1500s, and it is this that we see today. The town is first and foremost a fishing village, although the wide selection of activities on offer draw large crowds of tourists. For example, its beaches and woods aside, you can go windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, and visit the nearby aquarium. Moreover, Talamone has direct access to the Maremma Natural Park  and Uccellina Park.

From Florence, you can take a train or bus which will need 4-5 hours to arrive at Talamone. Alternatively, you can drive it in less than 2.5 hours. From Rome the train takes just over 3 hours, a bus transfer will take you 5 hours, and driving will take you just over 2 hours.

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