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Surrounded by the Mediterranean, Sicily is a great option for those looking for a getaway on the sea. Moreover, SopranoVillas will help you find your perfect Sicily villas. We can offer everything from properties with a private beach, to beautifully restored farmhouses, to hilltop eco-retreats. In this southern area of Italy, you can often swim even in November, or see flowers blooming in February. It is truly an ideal escape from cooler locations.

Sicily and its surrounding islands can offer you more than you could imagine. Here you will find stunning views and ancient archaeological sites. Moreover you can go trekking, do water sports, or simply relax on a beach. Sicily welcomes all types of travellers! SopranoVillas offers Sicily villas for rent in or close to the cities of Siracusa, Mondello, Cefalù, and also Portopalo. For those searching for a historically rich holiday, the 2,700 year old Siracusa is sure to please. Alternatively, Mondello has recently transformed from a sleepy fishing village into a main tourist destination. It is perfect for those searching for beautiful sandy beaches. At the southernmost point of Sicily, you’ll also find the sleepy fishing village of Portopalo. This has fantastic sandy beaches and the historic 16th Century Forte di Portopalo. Furthermore, while on the northern coast of Sicily you’ll find another great mix of culture and seaside in the historic city of Cefalù. More adventurous travellers may wish to stay at a villa located on one of the islands surrounding Sicily. These include Favignana, Salina, Filicudi, and Panarea. Located just off the northwestern coast of Sicily is the island of Favignana. It is famous for its tuna fishing and has moreover become a well-known tourist destination. On Favignana you can rent a Sicily villa on the gorgeous beaches. Alternatively, we also have properties set high above the town, allowing for amazing views. To the northeast of the island of Sicily are the Aeolian Islands, on which SopranoVillas offers a variety of accommodation options on Salina, Filicudi, and Panarea. On these islands you can moreover find your perfect getaway. Enjoy a Salina villa rental with a private beach, or even a Filicudi, secluded, eco-friendly villa with stunning views over the Mediterranean. Sicily is sure to please every type of traveller!

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