Punta della Suina Beach

Punta della Suina Beach: Discover a stunning mix of rocks, incredibly smooth sands, and crystal-clear waters in this small yet characteristic bay.punta della suina beach

You will find the Punta della Suina beach on the southwest coast of Puglia. It is a particularly popular tourist destination. This wild inlet offers satin-like sands that nestle rocks along the shoreline. Visitors can relish in the soft sand floors of the intensely clear waters as they wade further out of the bay.

This bay exhibits two beaches, which a small tongue of rock separates. In both of these you will find parasols and sun loungers that you can book and reserve. These tend to be quite popular, so ensure you arrive early enough to get one!

For slightly more privacy, guests should note that there are also various smaller coves along the Punta della Suina beach that are often used as privés.

The sunset will truly astound anyone who stays for a whole day at Punta della Suina. With a panoramic view of the horizon, you will enjoy a clear view of the sinking sun. In fact, many find it so breathtaking that they will follow the sun’s setting with a round of applause!

This area also offers a variety of wildlife. Flora species such as rosemary, white lilies, junipers, and myrtle fill the air with soft yet vibrant scents. Moreover, children and adults alike can enjoy the rock pools that form along this shoreline, and all the wildlife that can be found within them.

You will not find a great variety of provisions here. However visitors can enjoy a drink at a terrazza-bar at the top of the beach. This also offers mediterranean food and drinks. From here you can enjoy a view of the bay, including the atmospheric Torre del Pizzo lighthouse.

You can easily reach Punta della Suina by car. Follow the motorway to Bari, then Bari-Lecce and Lecce-Gallipoli, then following signs to the Lido Pizzo exit. Alternatively, you can take the train connection to Lecce, then use the regional train service to arrive at the Baia di Gallipoli.

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