Forte dei Marmi Villas (3) Find your unique accommodation

Browse our highly selected Forte dei Marmi luxury villas for rent. Coined the “East Hampton of Italy”, Italy’s Forte dei Marmi area is where some of the country’s wealthiest citizens spend their summer. It lies less than 40 kms north of Pisa, at the north of the Tuscan coast. Forte dei Marmi is famous for its long stretch of clean, sandy beach. Only a small number of people live in Forte dei Marmi year round. Conversely, in the summer months the population swells to approximately 150,000 people!

SopranoVillas offers a select number of hand-picked Forte dei Marmi luxury villas, each with comfort and beauty in mind. WE offer everything from private swimming pools, nearby beaches, mountain views, or concierge service, you’re sure to find the perfect holiday escape in Forte dei Marmi. Forte dei Marmi was once a port for the nearby marble quarry. In the early 20th century, wealthy Italian families began spending their summers in the area. In fact, the town takes its name – fort of the marbles – from the fort in the town centre. This used to protect the precious marble quarried from nearby Carrara. It is ideally positioned between mountains and the sea, in a pinewood forest. Forte dei Marmi offers a splendid retreat for those who want both a mountain and beach holiday. Villa rentals in Forte dei Marmi tend to lean on the side of luxurious and pricey due to the fact that the area attracts not only wealthy Italians but also many wealthy international travelers. If you like trendy travel spots dripping with luxury, Forte dei Marmi is a great choice with luxury sunbathing outfits along the sandy beach, high end shopping in town, and a lively nightlife. Forte dei Marmi is the finest place for a truly unforgettable holiday!

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