Noci: The perfect spot to visit between Bari and Taranto in Valle D’Itria

You will find the charming village of Noci about 60 km away from the Puglian capital of Bari. To the other side, approximately 60 kilometers South lies Taranto, another tourist destination. At this point, in between these two larger cities you’ll discover this old village where olive groves and vineyards line the periphery. This mountainous area where you find Noci is a part of the “Murgia dei Trulli” which is an area heavily populated by the ancient Trulli structures.

The look of this town is distinctly ancient but the town remains lively and active. The origins of the town go back to the 6th century when the Norman population dominated it.

One of the defining symbols of Noci is the Torre dell’Orologio or the clock tower. The structure was finished in the early part of the 19th century. You can discover this treasure in the middle of the historic center. Additionally, other important sites to see include La Chiesa dei Cappucini (The Cappucino Church), Chiesa Matrice di Santa Maria della Nativita’ (The Church of St. Mary of the Nativity Matrix) and the Sanctuary of Madonna della Croce.

The word “noci” in English means walnut. This is relevant to the town’s symbol which is that of a walnut tree held up by a lion. As a result, this represents a sign of strength for the city.

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