Menaggio Golf Club: A Luxurious Swing through Culture and Elegance

Nestled amidst the verdant hills and crystal waters of Lake Como lies a hidden gem that beckons to golfers with its siren call: Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club. For those yearning for an idyllic retreat combined with the classic game, finding a location that marries scenic beauty with challenging play is like discovering the perfect stroke—it feels magical every time.

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But where does one uncover such a rare find? Worry not. Your search might just be over.

In 1907, four Englishmen envisioned a golfer’s paradise along the Italian slopes above Lake Como and brought to life what we now know as Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club—the second oldest golf club in Italy, steeped in tradition and natural elegance.

Imagine unwinding on narrow fairways fringed by majestic mountains or sinking putts against the backdrop of one of Italy’s most enchanting lakes. This blog post will guide you through this historic club, revealing how it can elevate your love for golf to new heights amidst old-world charm.

The secret is out—let’s explore together.

Overview of Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club

Nestled among the idyllic foothills of the Italian Alps, Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club emerges as a historical gem, with its roots entwining deeply into Italy’s rich golfing heritage.

Its majestic setting whispers tales of bygone eras, where tradition and modernity blend seamlessly against the backdrop of breathtaking Lake Como.

History and Significance

Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club stands as a beacon of tradition, its roots reaching back to 1907 when English businessmen established an italian golf, amidst the picturesque setting of Lake Como.

This storied golf club carries the distinction of being Italy’s second oldest golf club, offering not just a game but nearly an hour of immersion into a bygone era where English gentlemen laid down their legacy on Italian soil.

The course itself exudes an unmistakably distinctly English woodlands feel and charm, thanks to a thoughtful redesign by architect John Harris.

The allure of Menaggio extends far beyond its steep inclines and challenging doglegs, embodying a cultural monument that continues to draw aficionados from every corner of the globe.

Its rich history intertwines with its present-day reputation for elegance and exclusivity, mirroring the sophisticated tastes of those who walk its fairways. Here at Menaggio, each swing resonates with over a century of golfing heritage—a living testament to the sport’s timeless appeal in Italy and an integral chapter in the tapestry of global and unique golfing journey and culture.

Location and Surroundings

Nestled above the picturesque lakeside town of Menaggio, the Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club offers a serene escape amidst nature’s splendor. Imagine teeing off as gentle breezes carry the fresh scent of verdant fairways, with stunning views over Lake Como complementing your game.

This charming setting lies a mere 5km journey from the bustling heart of Menaggio, effortlessly blending convenience with tranquil beauty.

Golfers bask in an ambiance where culture and luxury converge; every hole presents an idyllic tableau worthy of a postcard. Storied villas owned by friends of Henry John Mylius, who envisioned this golf course, whisper tales of bygone elegance along the fringes.

Here at this celebrated club, one does not simply play a round—it is an encounter with history, wrapped in the majesty of Italy’s famed Lombardy region.

The Golf Course at Menaggio

Nestled quite a lovely course amidst the breathtaking Italian landscapes, where every tee box and perfect hole presents a canvas of natural splendor, the Menaggio Golf Course beckons as a masterpiece of playability sculpted with precision for the ardent golfer.

Here, history whispers through the fairways and challenges echo in the putting greens, promising an experience that marries tradition with a test of skill.

Course Layout and Design

The Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club unveils an exquisite course layout and design that beckons golfers to its sprawling fairways. Each hole, carefully sculpted, channels the essence of English woodlands while remaining firmly planted on Italian soil.

The 2019 redesign brought new life into the longest most challenging holes at this historic venue—with additional holes extending the play and injecting fresh challenges for members and guests alike.

Visual allure meets strategic complexity amid these grounds where shadows from age-old trees dance across manicured greens. Golfers find themselves weaving through a tapestry of natural beauty, their senses engaged not only by sight but also by the rich scents of pine and freshly turned earth.

The past’s touch remains palpable in James’s architectural influence, ensuring every swing is partaken within a legacy melding tradition with innovation.

Challenges and Highlights

Stepping onto the greens of Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club is like entering a realm where tradition and challenge blend seamlessly. Each stroke on this course becomes a dance with history, set against an awe-inspiring backdrop of Lake Como’s sapphire waters.

Amenities at Menaggio Golf Club

At Menaggio Golf Club, each amenity is a testament to luxury and comfort set against the backdrop of serenity; where every sip of espresso from the club house terrace feels like an Italian reverie, and each night at their guest house bestows a rest as tranquil as the view of Lake Como itself.

With fare that would earn an approving nod from the most discerning ristorante critic, your experience here transcends mere play—it’s a symphony for the senses orchestrated by attentive waiters who anticipate your desires before they’re even whispered.

Club House

Step inside the club house and you’re greeted with a sense of timeless elegance, much like stepping into an exclusive lounge where history meets luxury. Polished wood, rich leather chairs, and walls adorned with vintage golf clubs whisper tales of bygone matches.

The air carries a mix of fresh espresso from the barista’s corner and hearty laughter as members share stories.

Golfers wander in after their rounds to browse the pro shop’s curated collection, seeking advice from seasoned pros on the latest gear designed for sophistication on the greens. Guests unwind in cozy corners or exchange pleasantries with waiters who serve refreshments with impeccable etiquette.

Every detail is carefully crafted to enhance your visit, making it more than just a game—it’s an experience wrapped in tradition and comfort at Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club.

Guest House

Immerse yourself in luxury at the Menaggio Golf Club Guest House, where sophistication meets sustainability. Picture yourself lounging in a shared space surrounded by an eco-friendly garden that breathes serenity into every corner.

The charm of the house extends to deluxe rooms boasting unrivaled views—peer out to gaze upon the pristine waters of Lake Como and the impeccably manicured greens of Menaggio’s historic golf course.

Venture beyond these tranquil abodes for an adventure; horseback riding through lush trails or hiking amidst scenic beauty are just moments away from your doorstep. After a day full of activity, indulge in culinary delights at our exclusive restaurant designed for guests seeking solace within this haven.

Only ten minutes from Menaggio’s vibrant center, reconnect with culture and nature as you relish these curated experiences that await you at the guest house—a true testament to Trip Advisor reviews praising such gems as Merion’s elegance and hospitality.

The Restaurant

Stepping from the comforts of the Guest House, guests discover gastronomic delights at The Restaurant, housed within the historic Club House. Expert chefs craft dishes that capture local flavors, offering a culinary journey with each bite.

As you savor exquisite meals, your gaze is drawn from magnificent restaurant, to Lake Como’s serene waters—an enchanting backdrop that enhances the dining experience.

The Restaurant comfortably seats 80 patrons in an environment where elegance meets relaxation. Here, golfers and connoisseurs alike unwind over fine cuisine after navigating the lush fairways.

It stands as a testament to leisurely sophistication—where every sense is catered to and every meal becomes a treasured memory amidst Italy’s breathtaking scenery.


As the sun dips behind the peaks, casting a rosy glow over Lake Como, players at Menaggio Golf Club savor their final putts. Rich in tradition and framed by breathtaking views, this course offers more than just a game; it’s an encounter with golfing history.

Each swing brings you closer to experiencing the mastery of its design that has charmed golf enthusiasts for over a century. At Menaggio, every visit is not merely a round of golf—it’s an indulgent journey through elegance and sport.


What makes Menaggio Golf Club unique?

Menaggio Golf Club captivates with its breathtaking views of the Italian Alps and pristine lakes, offering a one-of-a-kind golfing experience.

Can beginners play at Menaggio Golf Club?

Yes, players of all skill levels can tee off on the green will welcoming fairways of Menaggio Golf Club.

Does Menaggio Golf Club host any tournaments?

The club is renowned for hosting prestigious tournaments that inspire golfers to showcase their finest swings under the sun-kissed sky.

Is there a dress code at Menaggio Golf Club?

Guests are encouraged to wear smart attire befitting the club’s elegant atmosphere while honoring the sport’s traditions.

Can I take lessons at Menaggio Golf Club?

Enthusiasts eager to improve their game can partake in expert-led lessons amidst the whispering pines and serene ambiance of the course.

What is the historical significance of Menaggio Golf Club?

Menaggio Golf Club, one of Italy’s oldest and most esteemed golf clubs, holds a rich history of golfing friend, dating back to 1907. It showcases a blend of Italian and Scottish golfing traditions, making it a unique destination for golf enthusiasts.

How does the Cadenabbia Golf Club Menaggio differ in its course layout?

The Cadenabbia Golf Club Menaggio, part of the Menaggio Golf Club, offers a course layout that combines challenging holes with a distinctly English woodlands feel, providing a unique golfing journey for players.

What are the characteristics of the fairways at Menaggio Golf Club?

At Menaggio Golf Club, players can expect to navigate through apparently absurdly narrow fairways, offering a challenging yet rewarding experience, particularly for skilled golfers looking for a test of their precision and control.

Can you describe the experience of dining at Menaggio Golf Club’s magnificent restaurant?

The restaurant at Menaggio Golf Club is renowned for its exquisite cuisine and stunning view of Lake Como, offering a luxurious dining experience in a magnificent setting within the clubhouse buildings.

What makes the golf course at Menaggio unique for players seeking a challenging game?

Golfers at Menaggio can expect a course filled with unique challenges, most courses including small green complexes and blind shots, requiring strategic club selection and skillful play, especially on the longest and most challenging holes.

Are there any architectural features of the Menaggio Golf Club that stand out?

Menaggio Golf Club is known for its quaint old buildings and clubhouse that echo a distinctly English woodlands style, complete with delightful bunkering and well-maintained greens, all set against the beautiful backdrop of Lake Como.

What tips do golfers share about playing at Menaggio Golf Club?

Experienced golfers often recall the importance of walking single file on the narrow fairways and advise playing matchplay to fully enjoy the course. They also emphasize the need to carefully plan club selection to navigate the challenging layout effectively.

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