Torre Salsa Beach and Nature Reserve

Torre Salsa Beach and Nature Reserve: discover an oasis of serenity, with panoramic views, golden sands, and crystal waters.


Torre Salsa Beach and Nature Reserve stretches between Siculiana and Eraclea Minoa. But with over 760 hectares of untouched, breathtaking coastline, in addition to 6km of beautiful sands, Torre Salsa is much more than just a beach.

Here you can find rolling hills, uncontaminated marbly cliffs, lush fields, and wetlands. All of these come together to create a unique and precious natural habitat for many species of land and marine life. See if you can spot the small turtles of the ‘caretta caretta’ species amongst the sandy dunes. The reserve is now protected and run by WWF, in order to preserve its plentiful wildlife and pristine conditions.

The nature reserve also offers brilliant walking opportunities that abound in serenity and peace. For more adventurous visitors, the sapphire-blue waters are the perfect location for scuba-diving or snorkelling. Alternatively, you can stroll along its beaches, dipping your feet into the crystal waters and taking in the inspiring scenery.

The easiest way to access Torre Salsa Beach and Nature Reserve is via Montallegro, which you will find just north of the reserve. From here you can access all four main entrances. From the visitor center onwards you will find such beauties as the Garden of Orchids and the Juniper Valley. Moreover, arrival at the other side of the valley will welcome you with marvellous panoramic views of the coastline.

Preserved in all its natural beauty, the reserve does not offer any facilities, so we recommend you take food, water, sunshade and a bathing suit should you plan to enjoy the reserve for several hours. The reserve also offers parking, which you can access from two of the main entrances via dirt tracks. Alternatively, visitors have found parking at “emeritus” entrance.