Asolo: discover this village near Venice that is listed as one of Italy’s most beautiful, and carries the nickname ‘City of a Hundred Horizons’.

asoloAsolo is one of Italy’s most beautiful villages. It lies in the North of the country, very close to Venice in the Veneto region. Despite its proximity to the vast city of Venice, Asolo seems a world away as it nestles into the Dolomitian foothills. In the heart of this forest landscape, its elevated position led Carducci to coin it the City of a Hundred Horizons. The very best and widest of these views can be had from the 12th-century Rocca the presides over the town center. Though it requires a half-hour hike up the hill, this climb is certainly worth it. Once arrived, you will find a breathtaking 360° panorama over the valley below.

For a different view altogether, you can head to the cathedral. This medieval structure might not have all too fascinating exteriors, but inside you will find important art works. For example, this is home to Lotto’s 19th-century replica of Titian’s Assumption.

Also within this town, you can visit the remains of an Ancient Roman amphitheater. Today, Asolo’s theater finds itself in the Castle of Caterina Cornaro, now the Teatro Eleanore Duse. Caterina Cornaro was queen of La Serenissima, Venice’s republic. She is just one of the many famous names that have enjoyed Asolo’s charming aspects. Others include Hemingway,  Freya Starl and Browning. The latter fell so deeply for the place that it inspired him to write a poem on the subject.

Just outside of the town you can also find the Villa Cipriani. This Tuscan villa may not be within Tuscany itself, yet it is a great example of that region’s traditional architecture. Come here to enjoy its small garden patios and stunning vistas out across the valleys below.

The cuisine in Asolo is decidedly Venetian. Why not try the traditional Cicchetti, or sip on some of Asolo’s own type of prosecco?

Being only 25km from Treviso airport, Asolo is very easy to reach. What is more, you can easily access Venice from this village, making it the perfect place to be based whilst exploring the region!

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