Oasi Grotte del Bussento

Oasi Grotte del Bussento: outdoor enthusiasts, prepare to marvel at one of Salerno’s havens of exquisite natural beauty.

The Oasi Grotte del Bussento is a nature reserve located at a forty-five minute walk away from the town of Morigerati, in the Province of Salerno. It is situated within the larger National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. This national park was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 and measures a massive 1800 kilometres squared. The Oasi Grotte del Bussento itself covers six kilometres squared and is comprised of a canyon covered in rich vegetation. Take the three kilometre walk around the nature reserve and you will be amazed by the rich density of flora and fauna that this region has to offer.

The walk starts at the WWF visitor centre. From here you will start down a quaint mule track, constructed out of the landscape’s natural rock formation. Along the way, you will have stunning views of the surrounding mountainous landscape. In the wooded areas you will see an impressive array of tree species, including the holm oak, the hornbeam and the ash. A diversity of fauna is equally abundant. If you look carefully, you may be able to catch a glance of one of the wildcats, wolves or porcupines that inhabit the area. The nature reserve is also famous for its aquatic fauna, being home to one of the largest otter populations in Italy. Look up, and you may also see some of the magnificent ravens, goshawks and kestrels that populate the reserve.

Further down the trail you will encounter an impressive stone mill, dating back to the eighteenth century and still in working order. And now the highlight of the journey: descending into the fairytale-like setting of the cave. Enjoy the view of crystalline waters and the heady scent of the moss which lines the wall. Afterwards, it is also possible to extend your walk towards the town of Sicilì, located a kilometre south of Morigerati.

The Oasi Grotte del Bussento, with its vast and concentrated diversity of flora and fauna, proves an unmissable day trip for all nature lovers finding themselves within the region. This nature reserve and its neighbouring town of Morigerati welcome thousands of tourists each year. For those staying in the area for more than one day, why not also check out the mountain bike trails and guided trekking tours offered in Morigerati, so as to further explore this exquisite landscape.

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