Grotte di Pertosa

Le Grotte di Pertosa: hidden deep within the Alburni mountain range, discover magical and mysterious karst landscapes.

Grotte di Pertosa
Le Grotte di Pertosa are located in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, 2500m below the Alburni mountain range. A stunningly beautiful landscape therefore hides the grottos, which will present you with over 3km of mysterious and enchanting landscape.

The caves formed 35 million years ago, and display spectacular karst formations.  Their galleries and caverns have played an important role history. For example, in the Bronze Age people would use the caves as a place of refuge from external dangers. Later, Romans would go on to use the caves for various rituals and ceremonies.

Today, Le Grotte di Pertosa have become one of Italy’s most popular speleological attractions.

To enter the heart of Le Grotte di Pertosa, you can take a boat down the subterranean river Negro. This is roughly 200m long and provides a magical entrance to the attraction. Visitors will wonder at the noteworthy “Sala del Paradiso” and the “Braccio delle Meraviglie”. Moreover, the “Sala di Trono” impresses all its visitors due to the formations which seem to resemble a real throne.

Visitors of all ages will greatly enjoy Le Grotte di Pertosa. The attraction even offers tours of different lengths that also focus on different topics of interests. For example, you can organise your visit depending on cave experience, age, and the size of your group.

Le Grotte di Pertosa are a short distance from Salerno, and you can easily access the caves either by coach or by car.

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