Cascata dei Capelli di Venere

Hair of Venus Waterfalls: discover a unique wild swimming experience amid the cascading waters, just miles from the Amalfi coast.

The Hair of Venus Waterfalls enjoy a  secluded and beautiful location. Here you to indulge in an outdoor swim among breathtaking natural surroundings. Bubbling streams, freshwater pools and perfect bathing spots nestle amongst the mossy greenery. The star of the show is undoubtedly the famous waterfall, named ‘Hair of Venus’ after the Roman goddess of love. Flowing over a cave entrance, this delicate cascade is popular with visitors and locals alike.

Cool off in the clear water before wandering further up the river bank with a picnic. Alternatively, head downstream to discover other pools just waiting to be explored! And if swimming’s not your thing, you can venture into the rocky canyons and lush wilderness. These surround the waterfall and offer the perfect opportunity to explore on dry land.

Moreover, several meandering paths cross the woodland. Following these you can find your own private sunbathing spot. Close your eyes, relax, and relish the sound of trickling water. The falls furthermore provide the perfect change of scenery from the otherwise sea and beach-filled Amalfi coast. Here you can enjoy a welcome break in the form of lush greenery, magical works of nature, and plenty of legends surrounding the falls.

You will find the Hair of Venus Waterfalls just outside the town of Casaletto Spartano (and only 14km from the coast). They truly exhibit an example of outstanding natural beauty. It is a must-see for travellers in the Amalfi region! You can moreover easily reach the falls, driving east from Morigerati. You will also find dedicated picnic and camping areas. Why not make a day trip of it, and enjoy some delicious food amongst this haven of stunning nature and fresh waters? Family’s looking for a more secluded adventure, or keen photographers chasing beautiful snapshots will have a perfect time exploring this unmissable place!

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