Amalfi: surrounded by lemon terraces, discover the largest town of the Amalfi Coast, home to some of Italy’s most famous sweet treats!


It would be wrong to visit the Amalfi Coast and not take a trip to Amalfi. After all, this is where this stunning area of Italy’s coast gets its name from. This is also one of the coast’s most popular destinations, after its A-list neighbors, Positano and Sorrento. Of course, a certain luxurious air still lingers in Amalfi. This town also has a much greater importance than its neighbors in terms of its maritime history. In fact, it once competed with the superpowers of Venice, Pisa, and Genoa for control over the Mediterranean. Remnants of this history can still be seen today. However, nowadays the town very much gears towards tourism, especially in high season.

This delightful town sits between mountains and the sea, making it a paradisal place for all nature lovers. In fact, there are some great views to be had, and hiking opportunities to enjoy, by taking the ancient footpaths that used to be the only connection Amalfi had with the rest of Italy.

Amalfi is also a great place to base yourself when exploring the rest of the coast. It also offers superb connections with the island, Capri. This is well worth a day trip, and in summer becomes home to the rich and famous in its world-renowned environment and resorts. Another beautiful day trip can be made of visiting the nearby Atranti. This is Southern Italy’s smallest town, and is truly charming. In addition to this, visitors of Amalfi can also take a trip to the Grotta dello Smeraldo. These underground caves are simply breathtaking, as the light the manages to peak in turn their waters into a turquoise-green marvel.

Within the town itself, you can admire Amalfi’s Duomo, dedicated to St Andrew. This is particularly interesting because of its Arab-Sicilian style, which highly interesting in its particularity.

For the gourmands among you, be sure to try some of the famous Cannelloni. These sweet pastries originated in Amalfi, and have become a classic, Southern Italian delicacy the nation, if not the world-over.

Amalfi is very easy to access both by train and car. The nearest airport is Naples, although be aware that connections from here aren’t amazing, and will involve a taxi transfer of 45 minutes, or so.

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