“Made famous by Shakespeare, this northeastern Italian city has much more to offer. Discover its opera in an Ancient theatre, its golden mile of shopping, and its many churches.”


Verona lies in Northeastern Italy, in the Veneto region. It lies on the Adige river, which winds it way round the city and its historical center. This region is also home to Venice, Padua, and the Lake Garda, all of which can easily be visited from Verona. However, Verona itself has a plethora of interesting, beautiful things to see and do.

Of course, one of the city’s most famous attractions is the fabled Balcony of Juliet. This lies within a small courtyard, which also houses a statue of Shakespeare’s heroine. This is definitely worth a visit, though often the small space fills with tourists trying to get the best possible picture under the balcony or with the statue.

The rest of the town holds many more wonders. For example, the beautiful Torre dei Lamberti can be climbed in order to enjoy the most stunning panoramas over the historical center. Alternatively, you can head to the Castel San Pietro to find similarly breathtaking views over Verona’s landscapes from its piazzale.

Back in the town, make sure you stop off at the picturesque Piazza delle Erbe. Moreover, just round the corner you will find the Arche Scaligeri. These tombs of the Scaligeri family date back to the 13th and 14th Centuries. They exhibit beautiful examples of Gothic architecture. Heading down from this Piazza on the Via Mazzini, you will be walking down Verona’s ‘golden mile’. This is a road of the most exclusive shopping opportunities in town. It stretches all the way down to the Piazza Bra. In the latter, you’ll find many bars which provide a great place to kick back after a long day on your feet.

The Basilica Santo Zeno is another important monument in this city. It dates back to the 4th Century, and is dedicated to Verona’s patron saint. Zeno’s tomb lies here within a shrine. The Basilica’s romanesque interiors are rather picturesque, and its bronze door has 48 intricately designed panels that are carved with scenes from the bible. The latter was a later addition to the church, dating back to the 11th Century.

Something that can be fun to do with children is the Castelvecchio. This not only houses the city art museum, but also offers various ramparts and passageways for exploring! This building dates back to the 14th Century, and lies on the banks of the river Adige.

Should you find yourself in Venice over the summer season, you cannot miss out on the opera season. This takes place in Verona’s Ancient arena, right in the center of town. Here you can listen to the classic operas in the atmospheric and unforgettable surroundings of Ancient Rome. Make sure to take cushions, though, as the shows are long, and the stone seating hard! For more Ancient history, you can cross the river and head up to the Roman Amphitheater that sits atop a hill.

Whilst in Verona, you must also try some of its famous cuisine. The local speciality is actually horsemeat, which you can try in such delicacies as Pastissada de Caval, and Picula de Caval. That aside, Verona also has its own types of pasta dishes, which may come in the form of the buckwheat Pizzocheri, the ravioli variation Casoncelli, and the thicker spaghetti of Bigoli. Whichever you choose, you will be sure to delight in the flavors that are native to this part of Italy.

Verona is very easy to access, with its own airport. From other parts of Italy, you will also find it easy to find bus and train connections, given that it is such a popular destination.

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