Verdura Golf Club & Spa: A Luxurious Haven of Golf, Culture, and Serenity on a Private Beach

Imagine a place where the gentle sea breeze dances through ancient olive groves, and the warm Mediterranean sun kisses endless greens lining a turquoise coastline. For many, finding that perfect blend of leisure and luxury is like chasing an elusive dream – especially when it comes to merging world-class golf with serene spa relaxation.

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Verdura Golf Club & Spa in picturesque Sicily offers just that – a slice of paradise for those yearning to unwind in style.

Nestled on the south-western coast, this idyllic resort boasts not only breathtaking views but also holds the title as Italy’s premier golf course destination. Whether you’re aiming to perfect your swing or simply soak up tranquility at its finest, Verdura is your answer.

Our detailed guide promises insights into every lush fairway and tranquil spa corner that await your discovery. Get ready to elevate your vacation game; Verdura Golf Club & Spa beckons with a promise of top play tennis unparalleled elegance.

Overview of Verdura Golf Club & Spa

Nestled on the sun-kissed Mediterranean coastline, Verdura Golf Club & Spa emerges as an oasis of luxury amidst Sicily’s rugged charm. Its elegant collection of rooms and family suites acts as a serene haven that whispers the island’s rich history through every detail, beckoning guests to indulge in a cocoon of comfort while enveloped by sweeping views of azure waves and emerald fairways.


Verdura Golf Club & Spa stretches across 230 hectares of the Mediterranean’s sun-kissed landscape, offering panoramic views and an exclusive slice of Sicily. Picture a serene escape where the azure waves meet golden sands, inviting sophisticated travelers to luxuriate in tranquility and embrace the beauty of Italy’s southwest coast.

The resort graces the outskirts of Sciacca, a charming town rich with cultural heritage, merely a stone’s throw from Agrigento’s famed Valley of the Temples. Verdura boasts its own private beach, ensuring guests can revel in personal space away from crowded tourist spots.

The area harmonizes luxury accommodation with environmental sensitivity, creating a blissful haven that celebrates both comfort and sustainability.

Rooms & Suites

Nestled along the sparkling coastline of Sciacca, Italy, Verdura Resort awaits to envelop guests in Mediterranean luxury. Each elegantly designed room and suite becomes a private haven, boasting breathtaking sea views from personal balconies.

  • Step inside the luxurious rooms of Verdura Resort and find yourself in spaces that marry contemporary comfort with classic Italian design.
  • Suites offer expansive living quarters where sophistication meets serenity, allowing you to unwind in style after a day exploring Sicilian culture.
  • Revel in the exclusivity of Verdura’s villas, where tailored services ensure a stay that transcends ordinary travel experiences.
  • Large windows frame enchanting vistas of the surrounding landscape, filling each room with natural light and the essence of coastal tranquility.
  • Plush beds provide the perfect setting for a restful sleep, enveloped by fine linens and an array of pillows to cater to your comfort preferences.
  • Bathrooms become spa – like retreats featuring deep soaking tubs and premium amenities that add a touch of opulence to your daily routine.
  • Stay connected effortlessly; free Wi – Fi allows you to share unforgettable moments instantly on social media or keep in touch with loved ones.
  • Complimentary parking ensures seamless arrivals and departures, granting more time to savor every minute at this idyllic getaway.

Family Rooms & Suites

Verdura Golf & Spa Resort understands the unique needs of families traveling together. Their Family Suites offer the perfect blend of luxury and practical comfort, setting the stage for a memorable Sicilian getaway.

  • Experience true Sicilian elegance in Verdura’s Family Suites, designed to accommodate up to four guests with ease.
  • Each suite features two interconnecting Superior Deluxe rooms, ensuring privacy while keeping loved ones close.
  • Revel in the plush comfort of super king – sized beds that promise restful nights after eventful days.
  • The open – air courtyard at the heart of each Family Suite invites sunshine and gentle breezes into your tranquil space.
  • Prepare family meals in a chic kitchenette equipped with modern amenities that add a touch of home to your suite.
  • Children and adults alike will delight in spacious accommodations that boast luxurious furnishings and tasteful decor.
  • Enjoy picturesque views from your room, capturing the essence of Sicily’s enchanting landscapes right outside your window.

Golfing Experience at Verdura

Immerse yourself in the world-renowned golfing paradise of Verdura, where the gentle sea breeze whispers across sun-dappled fairways and greens. Here, every swing is set against a backdrop of spectacular Sicilian scenery, creating an unrivaled experience that beckons both seasoned players and enthusiastic novices alike to indulge in the sport’s purest joys.

Championship Sicilian Links

Verdura’s championship golf courses, crafted by the renowned Kyle Phillips, promise a game where every swing touches the horizon of Sicily’s stunning coast. Golfers stride across sun-kissed greens while taking in views that turn each round into a masterpiece of natural beauty and challenging play.

The East and West Courses unfold beside rolling waves, their fairways embroidered with indigenous flora and meticulous bunkering that demand strategic choices at every hole.

Here, hosting the prestigious Sicilian Open has elevated Verdura to an emblematic status among Europe’s elite golf destinations. Experience where champions have battled for glory and etched their names into golfing legacy.

Every tee-off is set against a backdrop fit for legends under the warm Mediterranean sun — this is not just golf; it’s a cultural encounter with the sport at its finest. Next up: Dive deeper into details about Verdura’s Golf Courses.

Golf Courses

Golf enthusiasts will find their paradise on the lush greens of Verdura Golf Club & Spa’s majestic courses. These two 18-hole championship courses, conceived by noted designer Kyle Phillips, stretch across a picturesque Sicilian landscape and offer players both challenging play and spectacular views.

The East Course beckons with its cleverly placed bunkers and strategic water hazards that demand skillful shots and tactical thinking. Expertly manicured fairways lead golfers through ancient olive groves to undulating greens where precision is key.

Switching to the West Course reveals a different but equally thrilling challenge, as golfers navigate through terrains dotted with indigenous flora. Breezes off the Mediterranean Sea add an extra element of complexity to each shot, making every round an invigorating test of one’s game.

For those looking to elevate their skills, Verdura’s comprehensive Golf Academy provides personalized coaching programs tailored for any level of player. From green to tee, guests are assured top-tier facilities alongside sweeping vistas of Sicily’s southern coast—an experience that harmoniously blends culture with the luxury sport of golf.

The East Course

Nestled along the Sicilian coast, The East Course at Verdura Resort has recently undergone a transformation, now revealing an enhanced golfing challenge that meets the highest international standards.

Each nine hole par four on this redesigned landscape offers a unique test of skill, perfectly blending the natural beauty of the Mediterranean with strategic play.

Stand at the par-four sixth and soak in breathtaking views that extend over crystal blue waves; it’s one of several new holes designed to captivate and challenge golf enthusiasts. Renowned architect Kyle Phillips crafted this course with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every fairway, green, and bunker contributes to an unforgettable round.

With its harmonious integration into the stunning scenery, The East Course stands out as a masterpiece for players seeking both beauty and a test of their game.

The West Course

The West Course unfurls a tapestry of lush greens and fairway challenges, designed by the esteemed Kyle Phillips. Golfers encounter an 18-hole championship battleground that has earned its stripes hosting prestigious tournaments like the Sicilian Open.

With each stroke, glimpses of the deep blue sea serve as both a tranquil companion and a daunting hazard.

Every hole on this striking course tells a story, inviting players to navigate through strategic bunkers and undulating landscapes that flirt with riversides. As you drive, chip, and putt under the watchful eye of an azure sky, the symphony of waves crashing against distant shores echoes the chorus of applause from impressed spectators.

Here golf is not just played; it is experienced in its most sophisticated form amidst nature’s grandeur.

Golf Academy

Leaving the challenges of The West Course behind, players can perfect their swing and refine their strategy at the world-class Golf Academy. Here, eminent PGA-qualified professionals come together to offer personalized coaching tailored to elevate each golfer’s game.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to fine-tune your technique or a newcomer eager to learn the basics, this academy serves as your hub for golfing excellence.

Lush greens become classrooms under Sicily’s sun as instructors share secrets and strategies accumulated from years on prestigious courses. With vast practice facilities, including driving ranges and putting greens, golfers have ample space to practice new skills.

Meanwhile, younger enthusiasts or complete beginners will find joy in conquering the 9-hole Short Course designed with accessibility in mind—ensuring that Verdura’s love for golf is shared by all ages and abilities.

Green to Tee Coaching Programme

Elevate your game and embrace sustainability with Verdura’s Green to Tee Coaching Programme. Nestled in the heart of Sicily, this program combines expert tuition reviews golf, with environmental consciousness.

  • Tailored to the needs of each golfer, the program offers personalized coaching that focuses on improving technique and performance.
  • Expert instructors utilize the resort’s expansive practice area, complete with a short academy course designed for skill enhancement.
  • The Coaching Programme is committed to preserving the scenic beauty of Verdura by integrating eco-friendly practices into every lesson.
  • Players learn not just about their swing but also about the importance of sustainable golfing and how it benefits both their game and the environment.
  • This unique experience aligns with Verdura’s long – term dedication to ecological stewardship, ensuring that golf enthusiasts can enjoy the lush courses for years to come.
  • Participants leave with a greater appreciation for precision in their play and an understanding of golf’s impact on natural resources.

Amenities at Verdura

Embrace the essence of indulgence at Verdura, where unparalleled amenities await to rejuvenate your body and spirit—discover more within this Sicilian sanctuary.

Irene Forte Spa

Nestled amidst a tranquil landscape of palm trees, orange groves, and olive trees, the Irene Forte Spa at Verdura Resort offers a sanctuary for those seeking to rejuvenate body and mind.

Here, luxury meets sustainability with treatments using eco-friendly practices and ingredients sourced from the resort’s very own organic farm. As you enter one of the elegant pavilions that house the spa services, you step into an open-air courtyard designed to cultivate peace and serenity.

The spa spans a grand 4,000 square meters where guests can indulge in an array of therapies including the spa and thalassotherapy pools that harness the restorative powers of seawater. Infinity pools blend seamlessly into the horizon providing a sense of endless relaxation while complementing your wellness journey with health-centric dining options crafted from fresh local produce.

Imagine unwinding in this spacious haven where every detail caters to your well-being—the essence of Mediterranean luxury immerses you at every turn.

Culinary Experiences

Embark on a gastronomic journey at Verdura Resort, where Sicilian flavors meet culinary mastery. Guests discover the island’s authentic taste through an array of exceptional cooking experiences.

  • Indulge in private cooking lessons tailored to inspire both novice and seasoned chefs eager to explore Sicilian cuisine.
  • Learn from the resort’s own expert chefs as they guide you through preparing classic dishes full of local color and tradition.
  • Master the art of pastry creation, delving into sweet recipes that have delighted palates across generations.
  • Venture off – site with personalized wine tours to prestigious wineries, complete with tastings that reveal the region’s vinicultural heritage.
  • Savor menus designed by Fulvio Pierangelini, celebrated for his approach to organic cuisine that marries simplicity with elegance.
  • Dive into a sensory world surrounded by olive groves and citrus orchards that supply fresh ingredients for your culinary adventure.
  • Enhance your knowledge and pleasure of food by working with ingredients plucked straight from the fertile Sicilian soil.

Sports Activities

After indulging in the rich culinary delights of Verdura Resort, guests can balance leisure with invigorating sports activities. The resort’s vast array of options caters to those seeking both thrill and wellness.

  • Championship-Level Tennis Courts: Serve up an ace on one of Verdura’s professional-grade tennis courts, perfect for both seasoned players and novices looking to improve their game.
  • All-Inclusive Golfing: Swing into action on two 18-hole championship courses and a challenging 9-hole par-3 course, each designed to test skills while offering stunning coastal views.
  • Water Sports Galore: Dive into an exciting range of water sports offered by the resort, including windsurfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking along the picturesque Sicilian coast.
  • A Full Soccer Field: Whether you’re organizing a friendly match or participating in one of the soccer clinics, Verdura’s full-size field is ideal for unleashing your competitive spirit.
  • Diverse Padel Play: Experience the growing sport of padel; Verdura provides top-notch facilities for this dynamic racquet sport that has taken Europe by storm.
  • Engaging Young Minds and Bodies: Children can partake in creative activities tailored for younger guests, from junior golf sessions to cooking classes teeming with fun.
  • Fencing Like a Musketeer: Uncover the artistry of fencing at Verdura Resort and engage in a sport that combines history with physical dexterity.

Destination Activities

Verdura Resort transcends standard leisure with a trove of cultural and adventure-filled experiences. Unwind or engage—here, every activity promises a memory etched in the luxury of Sicilian charm.

  • Explore Historical Landmarks: Journey through time at nearby UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the evocative mosaics of Monreale or Cefalù’s Norman cathedral. Each landmark tells a story, enveloping visitors in Sicily’s rich history.
  • Experience The Leopard Tour: Delve into scenes from Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s renowned novel “The Leopard”. Revel in an exclusive tour that traces the narrative, bringing literature to life amidst ancient streets and grand palazzos.
  • Culinary Discoveries: Savor the true essence of Sicilian cuisine with cooking classes led by expert chefs. Learn to craft traditional dishes using fresh, local ingredients and enjoy your culinary creations with a view of the stunning Mediterranean landscape.
  • Private Beach Indulgence: Verdura’s private beach offers more than just sunbathing. Partake in a variety of water sports or simply drink in the idyllic coastal ambiance as you stroll along pristine sands.
  • Trekking with Views: Harness the opportunity for bespoke trekking routes that blend fitness with stunning vistas. Navigate terrains varying from gentle walks to challenging hikes; each path offers unique perspectives of Sicily’s natural beauty.
  • Infinity Pool Leisure: Take advantage of Verdura’s large infinity pool for both relaxation and invigoration. Swim laps under the Sicilian sky, or lounge poolside, soaking up serene views stretching beyond the horizon.
  • Tennis Days & Nights: With six tennis courts available, play is not limited to daylight hours—illuminate your game under starry skies for an exhilarating match paired with cool evening breezes.

Dining at Verdura Resort

Savor the culinary symphony at Verdura Resort, where each plate boasts a story steeped in Sicilian tradition and zest. Under starlit skies or within elegant settings, your palate will embark on an unparalleled journey that marries local flavors with innovative gastronomy.


Amare beckons diners with the allure of its beachfront location, directly on the sands of Sicily’s stunning coastline at Verdura Resort. Guests are greeted by the inviting aroma of fresh fish and barbequed meats, a promise of the authentic dining journey that awaits.

The restaurant prides itself on serving locally sourced seafood, delivering flavors as rich and deep as the Mediterranean Sea it overlooks. With each dish, patrons experience an ocean’s symphony on their palate, enhanced by gentle sea breezes under Sicilian skies.

The charm of Amare extends beyond just its culinary delights; it transforms evening meals into picturesque moments thanks to its ambient setting where waves lap softly nearby. Whether savoring a succulent grilled catch or indulging in exquisite seafood fare, every meal here is framed within a panoramic seaside vista that ignites all senses – making Amare not just a meal but an unforgettable encounter with Sicily’s enchanting spirit.

Granita Bar

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Sicily at Granita Bar, where tapas-style Mediterranean dishes are served with flair. Savor regional specialties as you lean back in an ambiance designed for relaxation and luxury.

Each bite here is a journey through the island’s rich culinary history, crafted from the freshest local ingredients to delight your palate.

The bar exudes sophistication, ensuring that every guest experiences unparalleled service. Staff members cater attentively to your dining needs, making each visit memorable. Whether you’re seeking a light snack or indulging in the full range of beverages on offer, Granita Bar stands out as a jewel of Verdura Resort – where fabulous food meets refined taste.


Nestled within the Verdura Resort, Liolà charms diners with its authentic Sicilian flavors and stunning views. The restaurant’s culinary forte shines through in every meticulously crafted dish, bringing local delicacies to life for an unforgettable fine dining experience.

Guests revel in the backdrop of a tranquil beach and pristine golf courses while indulging in meals that capture the essence of the island.

Liolà takes pride in its service, providing guests not just a meal but a journey into the heart of Sicily’s rich gastronomic culture. Elegance meets comfort as welcoming staff cater to your every need, ensuring each visit is more than just dining—it’s an encounter with luxury and tradition beautifully interwoven.

After savoring the tastes at Liolà, visitors find further delight at Zagara—Verdura’s celebration of Mediterranean cuisine awaits to tantalize your palate anew.


Moving from the quaint local charm of of Liolà, Zagara entices guests with a more refined dining ambiance. Mediterranean flavors come to life in this elegant restaurant, where each dish serves as a culinary ode to Sicily’s rich bounty.

Dine under the warm glow of candlelight and indulge in expertly crafted meals that fuse tradition with innovation.

The attentive staff pour world-renowned local wines that complement your meal perfectly, creating an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Health-conscious gourmets revel in the array of nutritious yet sumptuous options available on the menu.

With every bite at Zagara, you savor not only food but also a piece of Sicilian culture wrapped in luxury and sophistication.

Special Offers & Experiences

Within the opulent embrace of Verdura Resort, a plethora of tailored experiences and offers await to elevate your stay into the realm of extraordinary. Whether seeking an immersive Easter escapade amidst Sicilian splendor or dreaming of a golf break with picturesque fairways at your doorstep, Verdura curates moments that resonate beyond the ordinary.

Easter Break in Sicily

Imagine spending your Easter surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Sicily, where ancient traditions blend with contemporary luxury at Verdura Resort. Guests can indulge in an exclusive Suite Offer designed to celebrate the season in style.

Wake up to serene ocean views and spend your days exploring the rich culture that envelopes this picturesque Italian island.

Treat yourself this Easter to more than just chocolate eggs and bunnies; take advantage of special deals crafted for newsletter subscribers who seek both relaxation and adventure. Verdura Resort promises an unforgettable experience with golfing on championship courses, rejuvenating spa treatments, and mouth-watering culinary delights—all wrapped up in a package that defines sophistication and elegance.

Enjoy free parking as you settle into a holiday where every detail caters to an elevated sense of leisure and cultural immersion.

Family Experience

Moving from a serene Easter retreat, the family experience at Verdura Resort is tailored to create unforgettable memories for all ages. Nestled amid lush olive groves and fragrant gardens, this haven offers a sanctuary where children can thrive in Verdùland’s Kids Club.

They learn to whip up delicious treats in cooking classes and explore the cosmos with fascinating astronomy lessons.

For families who seek relaxation together, an indulgent escape awaits at the spa with treatments designed for both adults and little ones. Here, parents can unwind while kids enjoy their own pampering session with special massages crafted just for them.

This harmonious blend of luxury and child-friendly fun ensures that every family member is catered to within Verdura’s exquisite surroundings.

Dream Golf Break

After bonding with the family, it’s time to indulge in a golfer’s paradise with Verdura Resort’s Dream Golf Break. Picture yourself teeing off on some of Italy’s finest courses, where every swing brings a breath of the Mediterranean air and views that stretch out towards an endless horizon.

This three-day golf itinerary isn’t just about playing rounds; it’s an immersive cultural journey intertwined with Sicilian elegance.

The Golf Inclusive Offer places you play golf in at the heart of luxury, granting access to verdant fairways designed by renowned architect Kyle Phillips. Challenge your skills on sea-facing holes and revel in unparalleled play at the same venue chosen for the European Tour’s Rocco Forte Open.

Between drives and putts, bask under the warmth of Sicilian sun amidst olive groves that encapsulate more than just a game—it’s an experience wrapped in sophistication and beauty.


Step into a world where luxury meets the timeless charm of Sicily at Verdura Golf Club & Spa. Discover a haven with sweeping views of the Mediterranean, unparalleled golf, and an oasis-like spa experience that rejuvenates body and soul.

Immerse yourself in fine dining under starlit skies, or seek adventure with curated destination activities. Every moment at Verdura is a brushstroke on the canvas of opulent escapism—designed for discerning travelers who cherish culture wrapped in sophistication.

Let Verdura be your luxurious retreat from ordinary life, an elegant sanctuary where each stay writes its own story of tranquility and endless indulgence.


What features does Verdura Golf Club & Spa offer for relaxation?

Verdura Golf Club & Spa boasts a tranquil indoor pool area where guests can unwind and immerse themselves in serene waters, soothing both body and mind.

Can I get spa treatments at Verdura Golf Club & Spa?

Absolutely! The spa at Verdura offers a range of indulgent treatments designed to rejuvenate your senses and provide a luxurious escape from the everyday hustle.

Is there something special about the indoor pool at Verdura?

The indoor pool at Verdura is not just any pool; it’s an oasis of calm with water that ripples gently, reflecting light across the peaceful space, inviting you to dive in and let go of all stress.

Are experts available for consultations at the spa?

Yes, expert therapists are on hand to guide you through a personalized wellness journey, ensuring that each treatment is tailored specifically to meet your needs for peak relaxation.

What unique experiences does Verdura Golf Club & Spa offer on Sicily’s stunning southwest coast?

Verdura Golf Club & Spa, located on Sicily’s stunning southwest coast, offers guests the unique experience of playing golf on its East Course, set against the backdrop sea view of the Mediterranean Sea. The resort also features a pool and a private beach, ideal for relaxation and soaking in the picturesque views.

Can guests at Verdura Golf Club & Spa indulge in traditional Sicilian cooking?

Yes, guests at Verdura Golf Club & Spa can indulge in traditional Sicilian cooking. The resort’s culinary team skillfully prepares authentic local dishes, allowing guests to savor the flavors of Sicily in an elegant setting.

Are there special thalassotherapy pools available at Verdura Golf Club & Spa?

Verdura Golf Club & Spa offers exclusive pool and spa experiences, including thalassotherapy pools. These pools utilize seawater for therapeutic treatments, providing hotel guests with a unique and rejuvenating pool and spa experience.

What golfing facilities can one expect at Verdura Golf Club & Spa?

At Verdura Golf Club & Spa, golf enthusiasts can enjoy playing on a top-tier golf course, including the acclaimed East Course. The resort also provides golf carts and a comprehensive practice area, catering to both beginners and experienced players.

Does Verdura Golf Club & Spa cater to an environmentally conscious audience?

Yes, Verdura Golf Club & Spa caters to an environmentally conscious audience. The resort’s architecture fuses environmentally sensitive design elements, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability while offering luxurious accommodations.

How does Verdura Resort’s private beach enhance the guest experience?

The private beach at Verdura Resort enhances the guest experience by offering a secluded and tranquil setting. Guests can enjoy the sun-blushed Mediterranean coastline in privacy, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and beach activities.

What are the dining options like at Verdura Resort?

Dining at Verdura Resort is a culinary delight, with different menus available at the hotel and various restaurants like the restaurant Zagara restaurant. Guests can enjoy a range of cuisine, from local Sicilian dishes to international flavors, all prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Is Verdura Resort suitable for family stays?

Yes, Verdura Resort is suitable for family stays. The resort offers family rooms and a range of activities for all ages, including tennis, golf, and cooking classes, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay for the entire family.