Treviso: often overlooked for its more famous neighbor Venice, discover the charm of this old town which is not only the birthplace of Prosecco wine, but also has beautiful Romanesque churches and waterways.


This small town lies very close to Venice in the Veneto region of northern Italy. It has an enchanting historical center, though it is perhaps more famous as a manufacturing center. For example, this is the hometown of the Benetton family. It is also the place of origin for the celebrated bike retailer Pinarello. Gastronomically, Treviso is thought to be the birthplace of Prosecco wine, as well as being one of the first towns to create the famous tiramisù. The origins of the name of Treviso is disputed, some arguing it comes from the Greek tarvos, or ‘bull’, and others arguing it derives from the Celtic tribe of Taurusci.

Many of Treviso’s architecture is dominated by the Romanesque style. For example, both of the churches of San Francesco and San Nicolò display such architecture, though both also exhibit influences of gothic trends. In the former church, you will also find the tombs Dante’s son and Petrarch’s daughter. The town’s cathedral is dedicated to San Pietro. This was originally a smaller church in the latter years of the Roman era. Renovations and reconstructions added to and renewed this church in later years, most notably during the 16th Century. Its interiors display work by Pordenone and Titian. Despite this, the most frequent and popular artist of frescoes in Treviso is Tomaso da Modena. His works decorate many of the town’s interiors, especially the churches.

This is a great place to visit from the busier, more touristy Venice. Alternatively, you can base yourself here and explore Venice and other attractions in the area as day trips. Treviso is not nearly as stressful or over crowded as Venice can be. It has its own old center, which even has the odd waterway and canal, very much reminiscent of Venice. Of course, it is not as majestic or impressive, yet it definitely holds its own charm and attraction that foreign tourists often overlook or dismiss.

Treviso is very easy to access by train, bus or rental car. The nearest airport is Venice (Treviso), which of course also offers easy access to Venice itself.

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