Temple of Segesta

Temple of Segesta: discover one of Europe’s best-preserved Ancient Greek monuments, which offers both stunning architecture and amazing views.


The Doric Temple of Segesta is roughly 75km away from Palermo. Despite being an Ancient Greek monument, the indigenous Elymians were actually the first to work on its construction. Nevertheless, the Athenians then took over construction in the late 5th century BCE.

Within the temple you will find exciting examples of Ancient Greek architecture, such as its 36 Doric columns, which fit in harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. The temple’s visitors will be transported back in time thanks to its relatively isolated location and pristine condition.

You will find the Temple of Segesta nestled between Mt. Barbaro and the Pispisa massif. Here, you can enjoy gorgeous views of the shoreline and town below.

Continuing for less than a mile up the hill, you will also come across an ancient amphitheatre. The open-air theatre offers equally breathtaking views from a slightly higher vantage point. Here you can relish in even more of the ancient heritage of Segesta. It is impossible not to envisage the ancient theatre productions set against the natural backdrop of the surrounding countryside. Occasionally you will have the singular opportunity to see a performance in this unique setting. We recommend looking online before your visit to check whether you will be able to enjoy such a unrivalled performance.

The easiest way to access the Temple of Segesta is either by foot or shuttle bus. There is also parking available before entering the temple site. It is also easy to take a bus up and then enjoy the walk down amongst the idyllic scenery of rolling hills and olive groves. For a day-trip, you can take a picnic to eat on the gentle slopes, or finish your day with a dip in the open-air spa of Terme Segestane.

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