Porto Ercole

Porto Ercole: discover this old fishing town in Tuscany, with three fortresses and charming little houses.

Porto Ercole

Porte Ercole is a small, old fishing town that lies on the coast of Argentario in Tuscany. It nestles into the side of a hill, on top of which you will find the Rocca, and old fortress. Porto Ercole actually has three such fortresses, including the Forte Filippo, and the Forte Stella. These are all extremely well-preserved examples of defensive architecture. La Rocca is an especially nice place to climb up to in the evenings. From here you can enjoy the most breathtaking sunset over the town and the water.

This town is also the deathplace of the famous artist Caravaggio. He died here in 1610 of malaria, and his remains are still on display to the public to this day. The town is colorful and charming. It is still very much in touch with its history and culture as a fishing town. Expect some culinary delights with all the fresh seafood that is brought in on the daily!

Just outside of Porto Ercole, you will find the beautiful Feniglia Beach and its idyllic nature reserve. Here you can admire the plentiful vegetation and deer that populate this reserve on foot or by bike. Of course, the beach itself is also worth a visit, and a great place to sunbathe and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Porto Ercole sits between the more glamorous Porto Santo Stefano, and the lively Orbetello. Both are delightful places to visit. In Santo Stefano you will find a display of expensive yachts and their owners. In Orbetello you’ll be greeted by a warm and friendly atmosphere of the fishing port.

You can reach Porto Ercole by train, or by car. Taking the latter, you can use the simply stunning panoramic road that runs along this coastline. This offers absolutely gorgeously sweeping views out over the waters.

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