Orvieto: Discover this medieval town that sits atop a volcanic rock in one of Italy’s only landlocked regions, Umbria.


Orvieto, a picturesque hill town in Umbria, is a fantastic day trip from Rome. Trains run frequently from Roma Termini Station or Roma Tiburtina Station to Orvieto. The ride takes just over an hour and costs under 10 euros. Because it sits on top of a tufo volcanic stone, a funicular service connects to Orvieto’s station. This funicular takes you up the incline to reach the old town.

The Etruscans founded this hill town, whose civilization thrived until the 3rd century B.C. Romans then conquered Orvieto. Visitors can discover many remnants of Etruscan culture during their visit as significant collections of pottery and other objects are on display in the town’s museums. Because they also built a series of wells and caves, they were able to resist the Roman invasion for more than a year.

Visitors can take a tour of “Underground Orvieto” to experience the labyrinth of caves built by this ancient civilization. Another highlight is the magnificent duomo, a mix of Gothic and Romanesque architecture that stands in Piazza del Duomo. One of the Duomo’s most salient qualities is its façade. Colored mosaics decorate the outside of it. Inside there are two separate chapels, one has the Corporal of Bolsena Miracle, the other is San Brizio, with frescoes painted by Luca Signorelli.

San Giovenale Church, San Francesco Church, San Francesco Church and Pozza della Cava (an underground well) are also noteworthy spots to visit. In terms of food, visitors should be sure to enjoy a meal in one of the local trattorias. Here they can sample dishes like tagliatelle with boar sauce or stewed rabbit. They can also enjoy the local white wine, Orvieto Classico.

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