Mazara del Vallo

Mazara del Vallo: Discover one of Sicily’s most vibrant towns with atmospheric streets, mouthwatering foods, and idyllic beaches.

mazara del vallo

Mazara del Vallo is one of the most important fishing ports in the mediterranean base, boasting over 3000 boats and known for its precious red shrimp. Here you will also find stunning beaches, crystal waters, surfing, diving, windsurfing, biking, and snorkeling opportunities. Not to mention the incredible old town, Casbah, which exhibits remains from the cities vibrant and exciting past.

The Phoenicians founded Mazara del Vallo in the 19th century BC, and named it Mazar, or the Rock. Over the years it passed through the hands of numerous civilizations, from the Ancient Greeks, to the Romans, the Byzantines, and eventually the Arabs in 827 AD. The latter in particular left their mark on this city. The majority of houses demonstrate a typically Arab architecture, and the small roads are connected by a plethora of tunnels. You can also note the beautiful mosaic decorations that adorn the walls and doors of these lovely dwelling places. Imagine the old islamic philosophers and writers that used to wander the streets and take inspiration from their awe-inspiring surroundings.

On the Piazza della Repubblica you will find the Basil Cathedral. Its beautiful exterior displays opulent turquoise domes, reminiscent of its Arab-inspired surroundings. In contrast to this, its interior exhibits some beautiful Christian frescoes and paintings. Many of the churches you will find within the city walls used to be mosques or other places of worship. Other attractions worthy of note include the Norman Arch, the Jesuit ruins of St. Ignazio, and the Jesuit College. You can also enjoy the museum of Sant’Egido, which features the famous Dancing Satyr.

Walking through the streets of Mazara del Vallo, you will find culture and history at every step. Even the food matches its sumptuous ambiance and presence. Here you can taste the delicious fish couscous, the smells of which fill the narrow streets with mouthwatering smells. You can also marvel at the delightful port side, where you can spot important monuments, Sicilian baroque, and architectural gifts in and amongst the palm trees.

You will find Mazara del Vallo near Trapani, and it is one of the closest cities to Africa in the whole of Italy. It is known for being extremely hospitable, and the community enjoys a diverse yet integrated  character.

It is easy to arrive in Mazara del Vallo thanks to its connection with Sicily’s regional train service. From the Trapani-Birgi Airport there is also a more infrequent bus service. You can also reach Mazara del Vallo by car, private bus (from Palermo), or taxi. In summer, you can even take a ferry across to Pantelleria or Hammamet in Tunisia!


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