Capalbio: in Southern Tuscany, discover the perfect combination of art, history, and long sandy beaches, all of which set within the stunning Maremma landscape.

Capalbio lies in the southwestern corner of the Tuscany Region. It is a small, old borgo that is very near the coast. Its combination of history and beaches make it a very popular tourist destination, even though its is not as well-known as Tuscany’s other towns.

Capalbio holds tombs that date back to the Bronze Age, however the town itself first appears in documentation in the early 9th Century AD. At this time Charlemagne has gifted it to the Tre Fontane Abbey in Rome. After this time, Capalbio changed hands, from Spaniards to Medicis to various others. That is until it was annexed by Tuscany, only to regain independence in the 1960s.

Within the old town you can see the Chiesa di San Nicola which dates all the way back to the 12-13th Centuries. Furthermore, the Oratorio of the Providence displays frescoes from the 16th Century. The town as a whole is beautiful to walk around, purely for its historical buildings and atmospheric side streets. Make sure to try some of its wines and food. Its gastronomy benefits from Tuscany’s traditions, as well as those of slightly further south in Italy, given its location close to the Lazio region.

Capalbio is also home to the Garden of Tarot Cards. Here you will find shaded park area, dotted with interesting sculptures. The artist Niki de Sante Phalle created these for the garden. They portray the 22 Major Arcanes of tarot cards.

In the surrounding Maremma landscapes, you will find much further beauty. For example, the nearby Lake Burano offers a salty lagoon under WWF protection. Here you will also find the imposing Burnaccio tower, which was built by Spanish troops in the 17th Century. This is only accessible from the sea.

Capalbio benefits from train and bus connections. However, the easier way to access the town is by car. From Florence, the trains take around 5-6 hours, where a car ride is under 3 hours. From Rome, the train will take around 3.5 hours, a bus will take around 5, and a car ride under 2 hours.

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