Abetone Ski Resort

Abetone Ski Resort: discover and unlikely yet charming haven of beautiful ski slopes on the border of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.

You can find Abetone Ski Resort just 80km northwest of Florence, on the border between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. It is a very small area, with under 700 full-time inhabitants. Nevertheless, it has 50km of ski slopes, with 22 ski lifts that are both modern and safe.

Though Tuscany is perhaps not well-known for its skiing opportunities, Abetone constitutes one of the Apennine’s most important ski resorts. In fact, one of Italy’s most celebrated skiers, Zeno Colò, was born here in 1920. He went on to win gold at the 1952 Olympics. In his honor you will find three ski slopes named after him, Zeno 1, 2, and 3. Zeno 1 is the only black-diamond run on the mountain.

Abetone translates as ‘large fire’. The peculiar name comes from a large tree that was felled in order to allow the construction of the town to start. When you arrive in Abetone Ski Resort, you are immediately in the middle of things, and nothing is more than a few minutes walk away. Despite its small size, the resort offers sports shops, restaurants, and bars. Moreover, it exudes a decidedly unpretentious atmosphere. Skiers of all levels will find enjoyment in this resort. With mainly red and blue runs, it also makes for the perfect family destination.

Four areas serve the Abetone Ski Resort: the valleys of Scoltenna, Sestaione, Lima, and Luce. The latter, Val di Luce, is an especially beautiful spot. Here you can enjoy the best views and, as the name suggests, you can enjoy abundant sunlight, especially in the morning.

Other than skiing, the surrounding landscapes are perfect for activities such as cross-country, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. In summer, there are also many opportunities to go mountain-biking and hiking.

It is fairly easy to access Abetone Ski Resort. For days trips, buses leave from Florence a few times a day. Alternatively, you can arrive by car, taking the motorway to Pistoia, then following the signage to the Abetone area.

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