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The lovely village of Alberobello and its surrounding area, the Valle d’Itria, are home to the typical Apulian “trulli”.

Usually white, these traditional country houses are built with limestone. They are an emblematic feature of Italy’s Apulia region. The Trulli’s design is one of a kind. Usually built in groups, they indeed display a circular shape and conical roofs.

According to UNESCO, Trulli are “an exceptional example of a form of building construction deriving from prehistoric construction techniques that have survived intact and functioning into the modern world”. For this reason, UNESCO declared Alberobello as a World Heritage Site.

This fascinating village has become extremely popular amongst tourists for its unique architectural charm. Take a stroll down the streets and visit the local shops. Go to one of the restaurants, a church and the museum to make the most of what this picturesque town has to offer.

Our Alberobello Villas display the highest level of authenticity and luxury in the heart of one of Italy’s most unique regions. Find your perfect holiday destination amongst our fine selection of Alberobello Trulli or Valle d’Itria Villas nearby.

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