Asinara National Park

This National Park is located on Asinara island in Sardinia, in which you could admire a unique landscape and meets the famous donkeys, symbols of the island. This colourful island also host some rare species such as Red algae and the ribbed Mediterranean limpet, and if you are lucky you could see some dolphins. The dominance of the wild nature covers over five thousand hectares of protected area, that could easy be visit through a tourist train, mountain bike, horseback or with a off-road vehicle.

Thanks to its rich ecosystem and biodiversity the island has been declared a National Park since 1997. However, its history is quite particular, it is also know as “Isola del Diavolo” (“Devil’s Island”) since it was chose as a quarantine location. Moreover, it has also been use as a prison during the First Wold War and maximum-security prison during the brutal period of terrorism and organised crime in the 1970 in Italy.

This natural park is ideal for families and sportive bikers.

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