Alta Badia Ski Resort

Alta Badia Ski Resort: discover a place where tradition meets modernity, and where unspoilt scenery meets the Dolimiti Superski area!

alta badia ski resortThe Alta Badia Ski Resort finds itself in a truly astounding location. Visitors will feel like they have been transported into a fairytale! You will find it in the Val Badia area of the Italian Dolomites, and it is part of the Dolimiti Superski area, making it a hotspot for all ski-minded travellers.

Alta Badia comprises of five hamlet villages, as is traditional of the Val Badia area. Each village is unique, however all share their love and respect for the tradition and folklore of their past. Corvara, for example exhibits a traditional ambiance, reminiscent of Alta Badia’s ‘turismus’ past. La villa, on the other hand, is a haven where sports enthusiasts gather. Colfosco retains the atmosphere of a traditional high-alpine village. San Cassiano is romantic spot, with exquisite food as well. Finally, La Val offers a peaceful and tranquil oasis, for a more relaxing experience.

Throughout Alta Badia, you will find a refined combination of tradition and modernity, top-class facilities and a minimising of environmental impact. Enjoy its famous clear skies, breathtaking sunsets, atmospheric pine forests, and unequalled alpine air.

Alta Badia is also within Ladin country. Here, the earliest civilisations began in the Bronze Age. When the Roman Empire conquered the area, the locals took up Latin. Developing at the same time as French, Spanish, and Italian, Ladin was created, and remains to this day as a language unique to this small area.

November to April  provides brilliant skiing opportunities. You will have access to 500km of ski slopes, 130km of which are in Alta Badia itself! It moreover boasts a well-planned snow-making system, meaning you will never wake up disappointed. In between your snow-sports, you can also enjoy mountain huts, delicious foods, and a superb selection of regional wines.

Of course, as with the majority of Italian ski resorts, Alta Badia transforms into an amazing summer destination as well. Especially for nature lovers, Alta Badia offers unspoilt, lusciously green landscapes, as well as a wide variety of mountain sports and activities.

Moreover, especially by car,  Alta Badia is not far from other great resorts and attractions in the area!



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