Terms and Conditions


Reservations are made in the interest of the property’s owner at the prices listed in the website of SopranoVillas.com.


The minimum stay is one week, preferably from Saturday to Saturday. In some properties, there is a minimum stay of 14 days, which will be stated during the booking process. Sopranovillas reserves the right to change the rates of the properties list if it is necessary due to a change of the market conditions or following special offers. The customer must not sub-let the rented property. Customers are liable for their personal belongings such as jewellery and other precious items. Customers are also liable for the rented property, taking care to lock the property at all times when vacating it. The property is equipped with an initial supply of soap and toilet paper (may vary depending on property). The customer must not practice any activity that can be of annoyance to the Owner or to the neighbours.

Payment and booking liability

To secure a reservation, the Tenant is obliged to fill out the Rental Agreement that SopranoVillas.com will send via email. To validate a reservation, it is necessary to send a 50% prepayment of the total rental amount upon booking, at the latest within 3 working days after the Rental Agreement signature. These prepayments can be sent by bank wire transfer, by PayPal or paid directly by credit card (Visa/MasterCard) over the phone or on our secure online payment system. As soon as we receive the prepayment we will immediately send you the booking confirmation email. Only after this process is the reservation secured. The total remaining balance (50% of the total rental amount) is to be paid using the same method as previously stated no later than 60 days prior to your arrival date (may vary depending on property). Final payments made with delays exceeding seven days can invalidate the contract.

The security deposit is to be paid upon arrival or via bank wire transfer one week before the arrival. The method of payment is dependant on the property. In the case that the Tenant books within 60 days prior to arrival, Tenant will be required to pay the total amount of the rental at the time of booking.


Arrival: Saturday between 16.00 and 20.00 (may vary depending on property).

Departure: Saturday between 07.00 and 10.00.

Any change to the arrival time must be advised as soon as possible before the arrival. Depending on the property, late arrivals may incur a late check in fee. In the unforeseen event of a late arrival that the owner cannot accept, the customer is responsible for the extra cost of a hotel room.

Upon arrival, you will need to bring with you a copy of the confirmation email as well as a copy of your ID or passport, from all the members of your party, in order to register yourself in accordance with the Italian laws.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations must be notified in writing to our email address info@sopranovillas.com. The cancellation date is when we receive your email.

Cancellation sanction policy:

Within 60 days or more prior to the arrival, 20% of the 50% deposit amount is refundable.

Within 59 days prior to the arrival, the entire rental fee is non-refundable.

*Extenuating circumstances policy for the COVID-19 outbreak: Only reservations that fall within the lockdown period as declared by the Italian government upon time of cancellation are entitled to a full refund. Reservations outside this period are subject to our standard cancellation policy. Due to these exceptional circumstances, each case is eligible for individual review by our team. Please contact us at info@sopranovillas.com.

Extenuating Cancellation Policy for villas in Puglia:

We can only try to less the result of the total uncertainty that is typical of this period, by opting for a policy that aims to balance the protection of every interest, that means the travellers, the owners and lastly ours, our staff and the staff of the companies that are tied to us and our income.

Just like every tourist paid with his own savings for a holiday that may not come true, it exists an owner that relies on clear and certain cancellation policies and on a respective income, in order to pay loans and salaries.

We, at SopranoVillas have decided that the client/tourist will not lose the paid deposit if there is an objective cause that leads to the cancellation due to coronavirus (COVID-19). The tourist has two possibilities:

Objective causes of cancellation are: lockdown in Italy, inability of travelling due to the Italian governmental limitations, governmental restrictions in the region Puglia, exclusively during the period of the reserved stay.

Objective causes of cancellation are not: foreign governmental limitations, fear of travelling, personal prohibition of travelling, mandatory quarantine of the client/tourist that has made the reservation or of one of his guests, vacations variation, job loss, annulment of an event that is subjectively important.

Reservations in Puglia with check-in until May, 31st 2020

The client/tourist will not lose the paid deposit and he will have two possibilities:
A) Receiving a voucher equal to the paid sum

  1. The voucher is valid for a reservation on the same property until December, 31st 2021;
  2. If the property is not available for the request period, the voucher is valid for any other property on our catalogue when the reservation is made;
  3. In order to obtain the voucher, it is mandatory to accept it in writing, through our inner messaging system or through an email where every term is indicated;
  4. The voucher is to be used within a year, that is by March, 16th 2021 for any stay, by December, 31st 2021;
  5. If it is not used by that time limit, the paid deposit is entirely lost;
  6. Once the voucher is used, it will not be possible to change the dates of the stay and the standard contractual conditions will be applied;
  7. The change of the period implicates the application of the prices in effect on the new period, it being understood the minimum price already expected for the original period. Therefore,
    1. if the period of the new stay hasa superior rental price, the client will have to pay the price difference; 
    2. if the new period has an inferior rental price, the price of the new reservation will be the original price.

B) Receving an immediate refund of 50%

  1. It is not a right to refund, the refund in this case has a transactive nature and it implicates the loss of the remaining 50%;
  2. In order to obtain the refund, it must be accepted in writing through certified electronic mail or registered letter, where it is indicated every term;
  3. The refund will be issued within 8 weeks from the approval of refund by SopranoVillas on the IBAN coordinates indicated by the client.

We are close to the people that are positive to COVID-19 (that present a suitable health certificate) and to those who live in Piemonte, Lombardia and Veneto (as per already registered booking), so this advantage policy is extended until June, 30th 2020.

Reservations made before March, 16th 2020 with check-in from June, 1st 2020

  1. The client/tourist may ask for a free change of dates at least 30 days before the check-in only on the same property, until December, 31st 2021, if the property is available for the selected period and with contextual payment of the expected balance. Any missed payment will result in a inability to change the dates.
  2. The change o the period implicates the application of the prices in effect for the chosen period, it being understood the minium price already expected for the original period. Therefore:
    1. if the period of the new stay has an superior rental price, the client will have to pay the price difference
    2. if the new period has an inferior rental price, the price of the new reservation will be the original price.
  3. If the clients decides to cancel the reservation for subjective causes, it will be applied the standard cancellation policy as indicated on the general contractual conditions.

Reservations made after March, 16th 2020 with check-in from June, 1st 2020

  1. The requested deposit in order to confirm the reservation is reduced to 20% (instead of 40%).
    The client doesn`t have the right to a free change of period of the reservation but it is always possible to change the period by contacting our reservation center and paying the expected fee.
  2. If there are new cases of infection that are declared by the governmental authorities or new restrictions imposed by region Puglia that create new objective causes of cancellation, the client can ask for a change of dates of the reservation:
    1. on new period of 2020 without losing the deposit
    2. on a new period of 2021, by integrating the 20% additional deposit (for a total of 40%) within 7 days from the change of period, otherwise the already paid 20% is to be considered lost.
  3. If the client wants to cancel the reservation for subjective causes, it will be applied this special cancellation policy:
    1. The tourist shall cancel the reservation through a registered letter already disclosed through email at info@opranovillas.com at least 14 days before the arrival date. In this case, the client will lose the full sum paid as deposit.
    2. If the reservation is cancelled less than 14 days before the arrival, the client, in addition to losing the paid deposit, shall pay the agency a 20% fee of the rental price, for a total of 40%.

Damage and Liability

All bookings need a security deposit for eventual damages (the amount of the deposit depends on the property rented). It is due upon arrival if paid in cash, or paid via bank wire transfer one week before arrival. The customer is responsible for any damages to the property (external and internal areas) during the rental stay. This deposit will guarantee damages that might occur to the property. The Tenant is also responsible for any further damage costs that surpasses the original security deposit amount. The deposit will be refunded up to one week after departure (unless there is any charge due to damages of the property or agreed extra services). The access to the villa will be refused in the event that the deposit is not paid upon the arrival. SopranoVillas cannot be held liable in the event of a conflict between Tenant and Owner regarding the security deposit or any damages.

SopranoVillas is not responsible for any accident, injury, or loss suffered by customers.

SopranoVillas is not responsible if your stay is compromised by a natural disaster (earthquake, hurricane) and won’t issue travel insurance coverage.

Extra Services

The provision of extra services is dependent on the rented property. SopranoVillas will communicate the extra services that are available as provided by the Owner. Once the booking has been confirmed, additional services can be arranged with due notice. These extra services will generally be paid upon arrival directly to the property manager.

It may be possible for SopranoVillas to arrange additional services with due notice that are not provided by the Owner at a commissionable rate. In this case, payment for these services must be paid via a bank wire transfer to SopranoVillas.

Locks Outs

Any lock-out must be communicated to the onsite staff of the rented property. This may incur a key and lock replacement and service fee for anyone who locks themselves out of a unit. The fee (that may vary) will be deducted from the security deposit. Furthermore, anyone who loses the keys will be responsible to pay for new locks. The fee will be deducted from the security deposit as well.


The Tenant is obliged to advise SopranoVillas at the moment of booking if he/she desires to bring any pets to the property. Pets are not permitted in some of the properties listed. There may be an additional surcharge on the cleaning fee at the end of your stay.

Termination By Owner

SopranoVillas accepts no responsibility in the case that the Owner of a villa decides to remove his/her property from the website after the point of booking. SopranoVillas will do its utmost to provide the Tenant with a comparable property at the original rate. If this is not possible due to unavailability or if the proposed villa does not suit the Tenants needs, the Tenant agrees to accept a full refund of the amount that has been paid for the rental of the property.

The Owner reserves the right to evict any individual from a rented property in the case of disruptive or inappropriate behaviour.

Property Substitution

In the case that the booked property becomes unavailable due to maintenance issues, necessary building works or other issues, SopranoVillas will do its utmost to provide the Tenant with a comparable property at the original rate. If this is not possible due to unavailability or if the proposed villa does not suit the Tenants needs, the Tenant agrees to accept a full refund of the amount that has been paid for the rental of the property.

Age Requirements

There must be at least one individual 25 years of age or older who will occupy the property during the entire stay.


SopranoVillas acts as a selling agent for Property Owners/Managers. In the case of complaints, please notify immediately the Owner/Property Manager and SopranoVillas. SopranoVillas cannot be held responsible for issues stated to us during the Tenants stay but will do its utmost to rectify said issues by collaborating with the Owner. Complaints notified after your stay are not valid.


In case of controversies, the Italian Court can deal with the matter and Italian laws apply.

SopranoVillas Terms and Conditions listed above are intended as automatically accepted by the Tenant with the confirmation of the booking and signature of the rental agreement.