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Sabina Villas

You will find Sabina just an hour away from Rome. The area offers an enchanting escape from the crowded and fast-paced Italian capital. While many tourists may overlook the area, Sabina offers traces of settlements dating as far back as the Paleolithic era. The Sabini people settled in the area for a long time, but eventually the land ceded to the Roman Empire.

For art and history buffs, the name of the area may sound familiar. This is because it was the location of the notorious “Rape of the Sabine Women”. According to legend, the Sabine people refused to let the Romans marry their daughters. In retaliation, however, the Romans violently abducted and raped their women.

Our collection of Sabina villas offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in this area’s ancient history. Nevertheless, its proximity to Rome means you can easily explore the eternal city as well.

Italy is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Unfortunately this means that few places don’t receive huge floods of tourists in the high season. Sabina is one of the few places left in Italy which offers the opportunity to experience the traditions and get lost in the splendid beauty of the countryside, as the locals do. For those who love hiking the countryside, Sabina’s rolling hills and sleepy hilltop towns make for perfect day hikes and relaxing picnics.

Foodies staying at our Sabina villas will have an immense choice. Moreover, you need not look far to find restaurants that are unaffected by mass tourism. Those in the area focus on fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers and offer dishes with Roman and “peasant cooking” influences. Additionally, some of Italy’s best olive oil comes from this area. Don’t forget to leave extra room in your suitcase to bring some home!

Let SopranoVillas help you find your holiday villa outside Rome for an unforgettable Italian holiday experience.

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Properties listed in "Sabina Villas"

Sabina Luxury Historic Villa | Lazio
location Magliano Sabina,
from 3600 €
Sabina Large Villa | Lazio
location Magliano Sabina,
from 1400 €
Sabina Family Villa | Lazio
location Magliano Sabina,
from 1400 €
Sabina Elegant Villa | Lazio
location Montopoli,
from 2400 €