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Lecce Villas

Browse our highly selected Lecce villas for rent: Approximately 10 kilometers in from the Adriatic Coast, Lecce is a southern Italian city like no other. Located in Italy’s Puglia region, the city is an up and coming player in the tourism industry with increasingly more visitors making the trip to this beautiful city. Renting your own historic villa in Lecce will allow you to experience the fairytale like atmosphere of the city, thanks to its warm ochre colored buildings and a baroque style of architecture so typical to the city that it has been given its own name: barocco leccese. This atmosphere combined with the laid back, slow rhythm of daily life, and the incredibly kind local residents will make you never want to leave. The best way to get to Puglia is to flight to either the Bari or Brindisi airports, with the Brindisi airport being the closest to Lecce. For those not renting a car on arrival, there is a shuttle bus running from Brindisi to Lecce city centre, making arriving to Lecce and the surrounding area a breeze!

The ancient city centre has numerous architecturally impressive buildings to visit while staying at your own historic villa in Lecce. From Giuseppe Zimbalo’s ornate Basilica di Santa Croce to semi-excavated Roman Amphitheater which now hosts concerts, one can spend days wandering around the city centre and admiring its unique architectural elements. In additional to the beautiful architecture, visitors can also take a break from the afternoon heat in one of the many museums including the Provincial Archaeological Museum of San Castromediano, the Franciscan Art Gallery and the Museum of the Roman Theatre. For those wanting to also spend some time at the sea, both sandy beaches and stunningly beautiful rocky seaside cliffs are only a short drive away. Staying in Lecce allows for both a wonderful city break in one of Italy’s most beautiful regions and also the chance to relax at the sea – what more could one ask for? Just choose one of our stunning Lecce villas!

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