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Lake Bolsena villas

Just a scenic 2 hour drive from Rome, you’ll find one of Italy’s most beautiful lakes. While some of Italy’s other lakes, notably Lake Como, have risen to fame the world over, mass tourism has more or less pass over Lake Bolsena. It is more likely to welcome domestic holiday makers.

The lake itself formed over 370,000 year ago by a crater left by a dormant volcano. It eventually began to fill with water to form the lake we see today. The area has remnants of many different tribes which settled there throughout history. Today people know the lake and the namesake town because of a religious miracle which took place in the 13th century. SopranoVillas’ selection of Lake Bolsena villas are a great base to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Bolsena and its black sand beaches. Moreover, from here you can easily explore the surrounding towns.

The town of Bolsena sits below the 13th-century Castello Monaldeschi. It exhibits many medieval structures built from the local tufa rock. Tufa rock is a charcoal-colored rock that is naturally created from volcanic ash. In fact, the nearby town of Orvieto is built atop a tufa rock plateau. Spend a day wandering from the castle down through winding streets of Bolsena. Along the way you will discover the town’s beautiful architectural elements.

While staying at one of many Lake Bolsena villas, you might like to take a day trip to the neighbouring city of Viterbo. This is the largest in the Bolsena area. Viterbo was at it’s peak in the 13th century. At that time it was the seat of the papal court. The Palazzo Papale and the San Lorenzo Cathedral are themselves worth the day trip. For those looking to relax, the Terme dei Papi thermal baths allow for the ultimate indulgence. The Lake Bolsena area is sure to please those looking to slow down and enjoy both nature and the simplicity of small town and countryside life.

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