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There are a number of reasons to appreciate the beauty and wonder of Tuscany; the people, food, weather, landscape, and history are all completely unique to the region. It is truly one of the most fascinating places in all of Italy, and one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Tuscany is also celebrated for its gorgeous architecture and unique interior design, and for good reason. Tuscany properties borrow from both modern and traditional designs, with a distinctly Italian aesthetic. To get a better idea of its unique architecture and interior design, let’s look at a few Tuscan properties that embody the style and beauty of the region.

Tuscan Architecture


While Tuscany features a wide variety of properties that borrow from various architectural styles, there are a few characteristics that are unique to the region. Here are a few of the most common and distinctive architectural features in Tuscany according to property experts Keylet:



  • Natural stone – While some newer buildings are made of concrete or brick, the majority of Tuscany properties (both old and new) are constructed using some form of natural stone. The type of stone varies based on the exact local geology, which is highly varied and diverse in the region. Some Tuscany properties use sandstone, travertine, limestone, or even marble.
  • Tile roof – The tile roofs of Tuscany have gained popularity around the world. Similar to roofing in Spain, Tuscany roofs usually consist of red or orange tiles made from different forms of clay, such as terracotta. Clay procured in Tuscany generally has a more reddish hue, which give Tuscan roofs a distinctive look compared to those in other Italian regions. 
  • Varied roof levels – Many Tuscany properties have varied roof levels, often with a central tower or spire. However, some modern Tuscan designs feature single-level rooftops, though it is not as common.
  • Windows – Given the beautiful weather in Tuscany, it stands to reason that architects utilize natural light and gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape as often as possible. In order to do this, most Tuscan properties feature dozens of windows of varied sizes.
  • Wrought iron gates or doors – Throughout Tuscany, homes feature entrance gates and doors made from wrought iron. Some Tuscan properties feature wooden doors, however the majority of homes include at least one wrought iron entrance or external gate.

Tuscan Interior Design


Living room in a Tuscan villa


Tuscan architecture is beautiful from the outside, but the interior design is just as important. While the interior of every Tuscany property will vary based on its age and the tastes of its owner, there are many common materials, colors, and design choices that are popular throughout the region. Here are a few of the most common interior design choices in Tuscany homes:

  • Warm colors – You can often see colors such as red, yellow, and orange inside (and outside) of Tuscan properties. These color schemes help expand the space and, in combination with plentiful sunlight, induce relaxation and comfort. Earthy tones reflect the natural stones and Old World charm of Tuscan architecture.
  • Stone or tile flooring – Since the days of Ancient Rome, Italian homes have used natural stone flooring. In the summer months, stone or tile floors keep Tuscan homes cool. Additionally, different colors and materials are used to create ornate mosaics. 
  • Simple furniture – Tuscan decor revolves around simple, straight-edged furniture. In most cases, the materials are natural. Dark wood chairs and tables are common to see in Tuscan properties. 
  • Centralized kitchens – As in many Italian houses, the kitchen is the centerpiece of most Tuscany homes. Kitchen counters are generally made of natural stone, like marble. Additionally, cabinets and accessories are often made with copper and wrought iron. Long tables of dark wood are also very common.

Tuscan Villas


It’s difficult to truly comprehend the beauty of Tuscan villas without seeing them firsthand. Thankfully, at SopranoVillas, we provide only the finest properties in multiple Tuscany provinces. Whether you want to spend your vacation close to the Mediterranean Sea, or tucked away in a mountain villa, we can help you find the perfect accommodation for your Tuscan getaway. Let’s take a look at a few examples of Tuscan architecture and interior design:



If you prefer a modern take on traditional Tuscan designs, then the Montecatini Villa and Spa is the perfect place to relax during your Tuscany vacation. This two-story villa holds up to 13 guests at a time, with a large living room, spacious garden room and fully-equipped kitchen. Additionally, the property includes a comfortable TV lounge with attic windows for additional sunlight. When you step outside, this beautiful Tuscany property features a large pool and a finely manicured courtyard.


Outdoor pool by a Lucca Villa

Indoor dinning in a Lucca villa


Tuscan Hills

With gorgeous views over the surrounding hills and a modern, yet rustic aesthetic, the Arezzo Winery Villa is a breathtaking experience. The living room includes French windows that look out over the Tuscan countryside. As an added bonus, this Tuscan property has been renovated to be eco-friendly, though much of the building and surrounding grounds date back to the mid-19th Century.


Outdoor pool in a Tuscan villa

Forte Dei Marmi

The Forte Dei Marmi Seafront Villa is perfect for travelers who want to see the ocean while still enjoying the privacy and seclusion of the countryside. This luxury villa has frescoed ceilings, a marble staircase and bright, cheerful hues of red, blue, and green. The Forte Dei Marmi Seafront also features two gardens, a gorgeous view of the Alpi Apuane mountains, and a covered dependence with extra living quarters.


Living room in a Forte Dei Marmi Villa

forte dei marmi outdoor villa


There are few places that exemplify the Old World atmosphere of Tuscany more than the Chianti Luxury Resort. This Tuscan property has a long and storied history that dates back to the founding of the Republic of Florence. Though the property has gone through several renovations over the years, many of the original materials are still in use today. The Chianti Luxury Resort includes three separate housing quarters that can accommodate up to 20 guests.


Outdoor pool by a Chianti Villa

Chianti living room


The Talamone Seafront Villa is a truly impressive sight, as it retains the style and design of the original 17th-century structure including a beautiful, feature fireplace. Though it used to function as a convent, today the Talammone Seafront Villa hosts up to 22 guests in 3 bedrooms and 3 suites. There is also a gorgeous garden that faces the sea; here guests can enjoy a bite to eat while they look out over the Mediterranean. 


Argentario villa front view

Fireplace in an Argentario villa


Tuscany is full of beautiful country homes, but few can offer traditional style with all of the comforts of modern living like the Ribolla Luxury Estate. The interiors feature both wood and stone floors, and the property’s two buildings contain 9 bedrooms between them. In addition to the spacious dining areas and breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside, the Ribolla Luxury Estate also includes an old silo that has been renovated into a spa, gym, and additional bedroom.


maremma arial view villa

Bedroom in a Maremma villa


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