Taormina: A playwright’s dream with views toward the Ionian Sea

With one of Italy’s most breathtaking views, Taormina sits on a mountainside in the town of Messina, Sicily. This medieval village sits high above the sea with beautifully restored buildings and winding cobblestone streets. Additionally, there are also a variety of festive locales and shops for visitors to enjoy.

Visitors to Taormina cherish the Greek-Roman amphitheater as its top sight.  From here, an astonishingly beautiful view awaits visitors towards the Ionian Sea, with Mt. Etna in the background.  This amphitheater is called Teatro Greco which functions amodern-day day theater for a variety of events in Taormina. People first started using this space in the 3rd century to host the performances of works by playwrights such as Sophocles and Aristophanes. Another important stop in the town is Piazza Duomo where you will find the Church of San Nicola and the baroque fountain in the center.

The Greeks founded Taormina in 392 B.C. It passed through rule by my different societies, starting with the Romans and ending with the Spanish. It eventually became part of the Grand Tour. As a result, the town has thrived off of tourism since the 19th century.

A trip to Taormina can occupy just a day or several, depending on what you would like to see. Aside from visiting the famous Mt. Etna, Europe’s largest, active volcano, other popular spots to visit nearby are Isola Bella, a nature reserve, the seaside resort Giardini Naxos and the Capo Sant’Andrea Grottos. Also, you can take the bus up to the village of Castelmola which has even more beautiful views. You can admire the Ionian Sea from the balcony of Duomo of Castelmola.

Consequently, Taormina’s beauty has inspired many famous artists to visit. Some of these include D.H. Lawrence, John Steinbeck, Federico Fellini, Elisabeth Taylor and Woody Allen. Taormina is located on the eastern side of Sicily with Catania as the closest airport.

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