San Severino di Centola Abandoned Village

San Severino di Centola: discover a hauntingly beautiful ghost town, surrounded by the inspiring landscapes of Cilento National Park.

Found in the lower parts of the Cilento/Vallo di Diano National Park, San Severino di Centola is a highly interesting attraction. You will find this borgo overlooking the valley carved out by the Mingardo River. It lies nestled under and in between craggy rocks, which in the past offered effectively dangerous barriers to external threats.

Its inhabitants abandoned the borgo in the last century. Today, it still shows signs of  Lombardic, Angevin, and Aragon populations. In addition to this, visitors can spot traces from the 1600s, 1700s, and 1800s.

One of the most noteworthy amongst these abandoned houses and ruins is the castle and church. Both haunting and extremely interesting, one wonders what life would have been like for inhabitants of this village, hundred of years ago.

As fascinating as it is impressive, San Severino di Centola has proven to be popular with the tourists. There is also an association, called “Il Borgo” that manages the site. In summertime, look out for events they put on. For example, the wonderful prosciutto festival runs throughout August, offering delicious local produce. You can find this in the modern village of San Severino, which is linked to the medieval borgo via walking trail. Look for the square outside the Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli di San Severino.

It’s position affords San Severino and its visitors some absolutely breathtaking views over the surrounding landscapes.

Though it is high up in the mountains, San Severino  is close to many other towns and villages. It is also very near the Centola train station. To here you can get direct trains from Naples and Cosenza. Otherwise, you can reach San Severino by car, and the nearby highway provides many easy links. For example, visitors from Salerno, Paestum, Agropoli, Vallo della Lucania, and Sapri can easily make the trip.

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