Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo: As beautiful as it is exclusive, discover this delightful seafront town which will provide all you need to relax in VIP style.

porto rotondo

You will find Porto Rotondo in between the gulfs of Cugnana and Marinella. This northeastern Sardinian seafront town arose in the 1960s and grew into the exclusive resort you find today. A project of some wealthy Venetians, you can notice their mark even today in the architecture, as well as the central piazza, which is named San Marco in homage to Venice. This piazza offers local cafés, small boutiques, and a chance to mix with locals as they spend there evenings chatting away.

Though strictly speaking not within the boundaries of the Costa Smeralda, Porto Rotondo, or Poltu Rutundu in the Gallura dialect, is widely accepted as belonging to this beautiful stretch of land. It is an extremely popular tourist destination, however enjoys a slightly less hectic atmosphere than its competitor, Porto Cervo.

One of this town’s great attractions is its beautiful, round marina. In fact, this is where the name ‘Rotondo’ comes from. With 800 moorings for boats of all sizes, in summer the Porto becomes home to the yachts of the rich and famous. In fact, Porto Rotondo boasts the highest private jet traffic in the whole of Europe during the summer. It truly is a place designed to meet the needs of every luxury traveller. In fact, its population of 1000 in winter rises to up to 30,000 in the season!

The area is split into three parts: Punta Nuraghe, Punta Volpe, and Punta Lada. All offer breathtaking, serene scenery, topped off by the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Costa Smeralda. Throughout Porto Rotondo you will find fine dining restaurants with world-class cuisines. There are also exclusive nightlife opportunities, which cater to both party animals and those looking to relax. Within the town itself, you can enjoy a walk down the Sentiero dell’Arte, or visit the Amphitheatre, Teatro Mario Ceroli. In the former you will find mosaic floors and art work on the walls. In the latter you can enjoy a variety of performances. There is also a beautiful church, San Lorenzo, that is well worth a visit.

If you find yourself in Porto Rotondo at the end of August, be sure to look out for the Big Game. This is one of the most spectacular deep-sea fishing sport events in the Mediterranean. It is truly an exciting experience, and not to be missed. Moreover, the Porto Rotondo Yacht Club prides itself on being on of the most significant nationally, holding strong links to the Yacht Club Italiano in Genoa.

For those staying for a while, there are several day trips on offer. For example, you can easily take boat trips to the nearby beaches Spiaggia dei Sassi, or Punta Asfodelo. However, most visitors will find that the Porto itself offers more than enough for the ultimate relaxing vacation. 

Porto Rotondo remains one of the few luxury travel destinations that still retains a relative level of immersion with local culture, whilst consistently offering all modern comforts.

The best way to access Porto Rotondo is by car. It is easy to travel to from any town in the surrounding area. Alternatively, arriving by plane you can easily find your way from Olbia Airport and Elmas Airport.


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