Pisa: famous for its leaning tower, this Tuscan town is a great place to stop off for a day-trip from one of the nearby art towns and cities.

Pisa is home to the famous leaning tower which sits within the Piazza dei Miracoli (sometimes also called the Campo dei Miracoli). It is an incredible sight to behold, seeming to defy gravity with its slanted position. It rises 50m into the air, and dates back to the 12th Century, when construction started. The tower was re-opened to the public in 2001, after ten years of building works after the tower’s lean was feared to have become too acute. This means visitors can climb the 293 steps to reach the top. Though a steep climb, all that make it will be rewarded by sweeping views over the city and the rest of the Piazza dei Miracoli. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance to avoid queues!

In this piazza you will also find the Cathedral and Baptistery. These are both handsome examples of romanesque architecture, and just as stunning as the tower. Alongside the piazza you will also find the cemetery. In this sense, the square encompasses all stages of life from birth to death. To learn more about the cathedral and its outer buildings, you can visit the accompanying museum.

Pisa lies on the River Arno, which also runs through the famous art city of Florence. Within the city itself you will find a number of other interesting attractions. For instance, just a few steps from the Clock Palazzo you will find the Piazza dei Cavalieri, which was once the center of all power in Pisa. Whilst in the city, you should also try to find some cecina, which is a local delicacy. This is a chickpea-based bread that comes in various different forms; it is moreover gluten-free!

The of Pisa is easily accessible, with its own airport. Regular buses and trains connect the city with other important cities within Tuscany, such as Florence and Lucca.




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