Monastero d’Ombrone Resort & Spa

Castel Monastero d’Ombrone: almost ten centuries of history provide a tranquil and serene setting for a top-class wellness and spa service.

Monastero d’Ombrone offers its visitors both a beautiful historical building and a center of tranquility. It provides truly amazing wellness services as well as gourmet dining.

Historians do not know exactly when the Castel Monastero was built or first inhabited. However we do know that in the 12th and 14th Centuries a branch of the Berardenga family owned the Monastero. The Florentines besieged it in 1208, and in 1270 Guido di Montford conquered the castle. Eventually, the noble Chigi Saracini family took over ownership, using it for hunting and harvesting.


Within the wellness and spa area of the castle, you will find a plethora of activities and therapies. Here you can enjoy medical beauty treatments, positive thinking sessions, acupuncture sessions, couples treatments, detox classes, anti-age therapies. Of course all traditional spa facilities such as saunas, pools and jacuzzis are also at your disposal.

Nothing could provide a better backdrop to this than Tuscany. Exuding a balanced and harmonious ambiance, visitors can enjoy breathing in the fresh and wholesome country air. Moreover, the resort boasts the marvelous “Aquae Monasterii”, a high saline density sea oil pool. A medical team from one of the world’s leading spas, Thalasso del Forte, designed this pool, and guests can enjoy its enhancing properties post-treatment.

In addition to the spa, visitors can also relish in some fine gourmet dining. Gordon Ramsay oversees the menus of the resort’s two restaurants, and the food truly does not disappoint. Moreover, the spa also offers its visitors the exquisite tearoom, with herbs grown on the estate and a wine bar in which you can taste the delicious Tuscan wines and equally delightful aperitifs.

You can easily access the Monastero d’Ombrone di Siena, which you will find well under and hour’s drive away.


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