Matera: Unveiling the Elegance of Southern Italy’s UNESCO Jewel and the Timeless Sassi di Matera

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Nestled in the heart of Southern Italy, Matera is a treasure trove of history and culture, underground city that remains a hidden gem to many travelers. Perhaps you’re searching for an unforgettable escape, one steeped in ancient traditions where every corner tells a story.

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If you find yourself yearning for such an experience, Matera may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Imagine walking through neighborhoods as old as time itself, where dwellings carved from stone have sheltered generations for more than 9,000 years. This is the enchanting reality in Matera, with its storied Sassi caves offering a window into human history like no other place on Earth.

Our journey together will unlock the secrets of this city’s alluring past and present—from breathtaking views to exquisite cuisine—all designed to enrich your spirit and sense of adventure.

Prepare to be captivated; let’s explore Matera!

Matera: An Overview

Nestled amidst the rugged hills of southern Italy lies Matera, an ancient city whose labyrinthine caves and storied stones whisper tales from a bygone era. With its profound history etched into every crevice, Matera emerges as a testament to human resilience and ingenuity, beckoning travelers to discover its cultural profundity.


Perched between the rugged borders of Basilicata and Puglia, Matera presents a breathtaking tableau that bespeaks its ancient heritage. This unique city itself, embraced by Italy’s southern terrain, offers a blend of enigmatic beauty and historical richness rare to find elsewhere.

Its isolation from bustling metropolises has preserved an air of authenticity that beckons culture enthusiasts and luxury seekers alike.

Travelers venturing into Matera will discover a place where time seems to have stood still. The labyrinthine alleys lead to vistas overlooking landscapes etched with history, offering a stark contrast to the typical Italian tourist trails.

Although reaching this treasure might prove challenging due to less direct connections with other towns and major cities, the journey is part of Matera’s allure—an invitation to explore one of Italy’s most mesmerizing hidden gems.


Matera’s story unfolds like a grand epic, tracing back to when ancient humans first carved out homes in its limestone cliffs. Considered one of humanity’s oldest settlements, these natural caves bore witness to the ingenuity of early inhabitants who shaped them into sophisticated dwellings and places of worship.

Through the centuries, this troglodyte human settlement has evolved under various dominions—from the Greeks to the Romans, and later Lombards and Normans—each leaving an indelible mark on Matera’s cultural fabric.

This city has also stood as a resilient center of peasant civilization; its architecture showcases defensive walls and storied buildings from Neolithic to medieval times that echo tales of survival and adaptation.

While once shrouded in poverty, Sassi di Matera—the heart of these historic cave districts—has emerged as a symbol of endurance attracting admirers worldwide for its timeless allure.

Now celebrated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these sassi districts unveil layers of history etched within their walls, transitioning seamlessly into showcasing notable sights that define Matera’s distinct identity.


Matera’s transformation is a testament to the resilience and beauty of human culture. From being labeled the “shame of Italy,” the shame of italy it has risen like a phoenix, now celebrated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Its sassi, carved from soft limestone below, tell stories spanning centuries—of survival, innovation, and the unyielding spirit of its inhabitants. This city captures the imagination with rupestrian churches that whisper tales of ancient faiths and cave dwellings echoing past lives lived within their walls.

The city’s significance extends beyond its revival; Matera embodies an architectural grandeur rooted in necessity turned into an art form. It stands as a cultural beacon in Italy, having held the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture.

Visitors come not just to admire stunning views but also to immerse themselves in Matera’s layered history—the very fabric that weaves together narratives contained within each sasso and baroque building lining narrow alleys.

Now let us take you through some notable sights around town in this enchanting city.

Notable Sights in Matera

As dusk falls on the ancient city of Matera, the stony facades and labyrinthine alleys of The Sassi whisper tales millennia old, inviting intrepid travelers to explore a living tapestry of history.

Each corner of this architectural marvel reveals secrets—from rock-hewn monasteries that echo with devotion, to ingenious water systems silently testifying to human ingenuity—Matera’s notable sights are a symphony for the senses waiting to be experienced.

The Sassi (ancient town)

Nestled within the rugged terrain, about half a deep south of Matera, Italy, the ancient Sassi stand as a testament to human ingenuity and resilience. Carved from limestone, these cave dwellings form one of the world’s most unique urban ecosystems.

Life in the Sassi unfolds amidst stone-hewn architecture that has housed generations upon generations, painting a living portrait of continuity dating back to prehistoric times.

Stepping into this labyrinthine cityscape reveals a harmonious blend with nature as homes, churches, and monasteries are skillfully etched into cliffsides. The well-worn paths meander down toward the core of an old town that merges seamlessly with the modern part of Matera.

These caves serve as silent witnesses to both past hardship and renewal—a symbol deeply rooted in Materan identity—where once local families lived modestly until being rehomed for their welfare.

Now revitalized, the Sassi district has emerged as an embodiment of cultural heritage and luxury travel destination alike.

Monasteries and Churches

Matera’s monasteries and churches stand as silent narrators of the city’s deep-rooted Christian heritage. These sacred spaces, hewn from limestone, rise from the Sassi like jewels set into a rugged crown.

The air whispers with centuries-old stories as you step inside Matera Cathedral, whose majestic facade surveys the storied landscape from atop the city’s highest crest. Its interiors boast a symphony of artistry, its stunning frescoes and intricate stonework an ode to both divinity and human craftsmanship.

Venture deeper into this labyrinthine city to uncover over 150 rock churches scattered across its terrain. Each offers a unique glimpse into bygone eras; cave walls adorned with time-faded ancient frescoes that testify to generations of faithful artisans.

In these chapels carved out by ancient hands, visitors find sanctuaries of serenity where light dances through crevices, illuminating Byzantine-style masterpieces that have watched over silent prayers for centuries.

Here at these crossroads of history and spirituality, every corner holds a story waiting to be discovered by those who seek the echo of Matera’s soul in its most hallowed grounds.

Cisterns and Water Collection

Stepping away from the hallowed walls of Materan monasteries and churches, we delve into the ingenuity beneath our feet. Here lies a remarkable facet of this city’s heritage: its ancient water collection systems.

The sprawling Palombaro Lungo stands as testament to human resourcefulness, an underground colossus carved for survival. This vast reservoir was once the lifeblood of Matera, capturing rainwater funneled through a complex network of channels.

Picture yourself walking above hidden aqueducts where, unbeknownst to many passersby, underground cisterns lay cloaked in silence. These subterranean chambers narrate a tale of resilience and sustainability that resonates even today.

Imagine descending into these cavernous spaces reborn through ‘Invisible Pavilions,’ not just relics but revitalized centers displaying Matera’s commitment to harmonizing with nature’s gifts.

The practice of harvesting rainwater discreetly within urban and private realms reveals a community united by shared needs—a society thriving on cooperation long before eco-sustainability became coveted modern terminology.

Natural Areas

Matera’s surrounding landscape whispers tales of ancient earth, carved by the Gravina river into a stunning canyon. This geological marvel sets a dramatic backdrop, drawing visitors into a world where nature’s artistry is on grand display.

The rare plants and endemic species that call this area home add to its mystique, with the regional orchid casting a delicate beauty across the rugged terrain of neighbouring region.

Visitors seeking tranquility away from Matera’s stone-carved cityscapes find solace in these natural havens. The lush greenery rustles with life, providing an elegant contrast to the timeless architecture nearby.

Hiking through these serene spaces offers not just rejuvenation but also an intimate encounter with the Basilicata countryside‘s unique floral tapestry—a luxury for those who cherish nature’s exclusive creations.

Other Sights

As you stroll through Matera’s winding alleys and historic centre, the Musma Museum breathes life into the city’s artistic legacy. This unique sculpture museum, nestled within a series of ancient caves, showcases contemporary art in spectacular setting that harmonizes with Matera’s historical backdrop.

Visitors find themselves enveloped in an atmosphere where modern art and creativity meets time-honored stone walls.

Not far from the buzz of Matera’s cultural heart, venture to Belvedere di Murgia Timmari for panoramic views that stretch across the rugged terrain. Here, witness a sunset that paints the sky with hues as rich and deep as Matèrë’s history itself; it’s an invitation to pause and relish the quiet majesty of Mother Nature spelling her magic over this timeless landscape.

Exploring Matera’s Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Matera’s culture, where centuries-old traditions are woven with modern vibrancy, inviting your senses to feast on a banquet of culinary masterpieces and echoing melodies that resonate through the labyrinthine streets.

Here, amid the ancient stones and storied landscapes, every corner affords an intimate encounter with a living history that continues to shape the soulful expressions of this unforgettable Italian gem.


Matera’s cuisine is an exquisite tapestry woven from the region’s ancient heritage, where every meal narrates a tale of time-honored traditions. Imagine sitting at a table in one of Matera’s new cave restaurants, indulging in dishes that echo the simplicity and richness of peasant life.

Fresh vegetables, legumes, and cereals form the heart of these culinary creations—each bite reminiscent of the fertile lands that have nourished generations.

Savor the city’s renowned breads, whose crusty exteriors give way to warm, pillowy insides. Delight in handcrafted pasta or experience the creamy goodness of traditional cheeses such as caciocavallo and ricotta—a testament to Matera’s rich agricultural legacy.

These are flavors perfected over centuries; every dish is meticulously prepared by hand following recipes passed down through time. Sophisticated palates will appreciate how Matera marries rustic charm with luxury dining—presenting not just a meal but an elegant ballet of taste rooted deeply in Italian soil.


From the rich flavors of Matera’s cuisine to its breathtaking landscapes, another art form captures the essence and allure of this ancient city: cinema. Film directors have long been enchanted by Matera’s rugged beauty, with its Sassi district providing a dramatic backdrop that transcends time.

Movie enthusiasts might recognize the twisting alleyways and rock-hewn churches from blockbusters like “The Passion of the Christ” and “No Time to Die.” The awe-inspiring settings lend themselves perfectly to storytelling that requires a touch of authenticity matched with visual splendor.

As the camera rolls, Matera transforms into a living stage where historic narratives come to life. This intersection of nature’s grandeur and human craftsmanship presents an alluring canvas for cinematographers worldwide.

Visitors often tread through streets once walked by actors in period costumes, feeling an intimate connection with tales told on screen. Through film, Matera not only cements its place in cultural history but also invites a global audience to explore its timeless charm first-hand—an experience as thrilling as any spy mission or epic biblical journey depicted in cinema’s storied archives.


Shifting from the evocative realms of cinema, Matera’s soulful symphonies emerge to reveal a city tuning its strings to the rhythms of rebirth. The Matera Rolling Orchestra and Sassi di Matera Strings ensemble embody elegance, weaving harmonies that capture both the ancient whispers of the city’s stones and the vibrant pulse of contemporary life.

These ensembles are not mere performers; they are storytellers orchestrating every bow stroke into luxurious tales.

The tune changes as we move through cobblestone alleys, where the Onyx Jazz Club echoes with improvisations since 1985, establishing itself as a cornerstone in Matera’s musical landscape.

Here, jazz aficionados find an elegant haven for sophisticated notes beneath arching stone ceilings. In these gatherings, music enthusiasts indulge in styles like tarantella and pizzica—sounds that course through Matera’s veins stronger than ever in this European hub of culture where luxury is heard as much as it is seen or tasted.

Religious Traditions

Matera’s spiritual tapestry is vividly woven through its religious festivals, where the sacred meets the streets in a symphony of processions and pageantry. During these times, Matera transforms into a living diorama of devotion, with locals adorned in traditional garb parading through ancient pathways.

They carry statues and relics that have been part of the city’s soul for centuries, linking Matera firmly to its faith-filled past.

The scent of incense lingers around the rock churches carved straight out from the rugged cliffs, each telling stories of piety and artistry that stretch back over millennia. Visitors find themselves stepping across thresholds into hallowed spaces adorned with frescos that depict biblical tales against backgrounds steeped in mystery and sanctity.

These cave churches are more than just places of worship; they preserve the essence of Matera’s rich ecclesiastical heritage and continue to be active participants in the city’s cultural heartbeat.

Transportation in Matera

Navigating the ancient cityscape becomes a seamless experience with Matera’s reliable train connections. Journey through picturesque landscapes and arrive in comfort, as trains from Ferrandina and Bari glide into the heart of this storied place, effortlessly bridging past and present.

On arrival at nearest airport, taxis stand ready to whisk you away on a more personal exploration, offering speed and convenience at your leisure.

The Matera Taxi Consortium prides itself on delivering top-tier transport services, elevating urban travel to match the elegance surrounding it. For those favoring communal conveyance, buses serve as chariots connecting diverse attractions within Matera’s embrace while also reaching outward to Italy’s broader horizons.

Every transit option is designed to cater not just to destinations but luxurious journeys that become part of Matera’s enduring charm.

Must-See Attractions in Matera

Embark on a journey through Matera’s heart, where the must-see attractions whisper tales of antiquity and innovation. Here, the storied past meets an artful present, beckoning travelers to explore the city’s soul-stirring landscapes and architectural marvels that simply cannot be missed.

The Murgia Materana Park

The Murgia Materana Park unfurls its rugged beauty just a whisper away from the ancient cliff town of Matera. Its landscape is an intricate tapestry of ravines and rock churches that beckon to be explored.

Visitors find themselves captivated by the park’s panoramic views atop gorges, where history whispers through the UNESCO World Heritage site status it shares with the Sassi of Matera.

Roam through this scenic wonder and discover the symbiosis between nature and human ingenuity. Caves that once were human settlements and caves dug sheltered early settlers now offer modern adventurers a glimpse into centuries past.

The park is not merely a backdrop but a pivotal character in Matera’s story, home to unspoiled natural habitats alongside echoes of ancient communities carved into stone.

Panoramic Locations

Matera’s sweeping landscapes beckon from every corner, inviting the discerning traveler to discover a unique cityscape that drapes itself over the undulating terrain like a work of art. Sunset casts Matera in an ethereal glow, the historic Sassi district radiating warmth as shadows dance across ancient stone.

Enthusiasts gather at prime viewpoints such as I Sassi and la Gravina, no tickets required for this natural spectacle.

Luxury and culture intertwine along these panoramic perches where time stands still. Gaze upon la Murgia Park stretching beyond the city limits, offering vistas that stitch together nature’s beauty with human history—a tapestry woven over centuries.

Here in Matera, each lookout tells its own silent story while providing a lavish visual feast for those who seek moments of awe without barriers or borders.

Bread from Matera

Continuing from the breathtaking panoramas, Matera offers a feast for the senses with its renowned culinary tradition. The bread of Matera is not just a staple food; it’s a symbol of cultural artistry and age-old practices in Basilicata.

With a golden hue that echoes the sun-bathed stones of the Sassi, this bread boasts an alluring aroma and sizeable air holes characteristic of its unique texture. It’s made using traditional methods passed down through generations, ensuring each crunchy bite of stale bread carries with it the essence of Materan heritage.

Artisan bakers take pride in creating loaves that encapsulate the spirit of this historic region. Visitors are often mesmerized by the perfumed crust wrapping around soft yet dense interiors.

For those with a discerning palate, engaging in one of Matera’s bread-making workshops isn’t just about learning to bake; it’s an immersion into decades-old traditions where every fold and knead connects you to Italian culinary history.

Discover why gourmet travelers treasure this exceptional flavor—a taste truly reflective of Matera’s rich gastronomic legacy.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Sassi of Matera

The Sassi of Matera, a mesmerizing troglodyte settlement, stands as a testament to human ingenuity in the Mediterranean. Recognized by UNESCO for its profound historical and ethnographic value, these ancient caverns tell stories etched into the limestone over centuries.

They cradle the echoes of past life in their rock-hewn chambers and winding streets, inviting visitors on an enchanting journey back through time.

Elegance exudes from every stone in Matera’s sassi where once humble abodes now serve as luxurious cave hotels, offering a fusion of rustic charm with modern comfort. Explore the rupestrian churches carved into cliffs that whisper tales of faith and survival.

The cultural tapestry woven here is rich—a harmonious blend of nature’s artistry and mankind’s enduring spirit.

Experiences in Matera

Matera beckons with a trove of immersive experiences, each whispering tales from the past while embracing the pulse of present-day vibrancy. Delve into this enchanting old town, where ancient caves and cultural rites promise to etch themselves in your memory, offering an exploration as intimate as it is profound.

Staying in a Matera Cave Hotel

Imagine spending your nights within the ancient embrace of a Matera cave hotel, where luxury meets history. Carved from limestone, these unique accommodations offer an immersive experience that has captured the hearts of global travelers.

The Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & Spa beckons with its serene underground pool, inviting you to indulge in tranquility set against a backdrop of centuries-old rock.

Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita transforms what was once humble living quarters into sumptuous suites, allowing guests to slumber in rooms steeped in antiquity while enjoying modern comforts.

In these hotels, traditional Italian elegance blends seamlessly with rustic charm. Here among the Sassi’s labyrinthine alleys and historic dwellings-turned-lodgings, visitors find themselves part of Matera’s living narrative—a town resurrecting its past for a vibrant present.

Visiting Cave Churches

After an enchanting stay in a Matera, cave house and hotel, the journey through Matera’s history continues with its remarkable cave churches. These sanctuaries offer not only spiritual solace but also a chance to marvel at art and architecture carved from the very heart of the earth.

The Santa Maria de Idris and San Giovanni in Matera stand as testaments to faith and ingenuity, linked by hidden passageways that beckon explorers with whispers of ancient mysteries.

Stepping into these sacred spaces envelops visitors in a hushed atmosphere where every stone tells a story of devotion stretching back centuries. The churches are adorned with frescoes that capture biblical scenes, reflecting Italy’s artistic heritage within their solemn interiors.

As you navigate through the crypts like that of the First Church, each echoing chapel reveals layers of Matera’s past, making this experience an unmissable chapter in understanding the city’s profound bond between nature and spirituality.

Exploring the Uninhabited Caves of Sasso Caveoso

Venture into the heart of Sasso Caveoso where shadows and silence tell tales of ancient habitation. Here, amidst Matera’s storied landscape, intrepid explorers uncover secrets held within limestone walls.

The air is cool and earthy as one meanders through narrow passages that unfurl into cavernous rooms untouched by time’s modern hand.

Feel the palpable history etched into every crevice while wandering these uninhabited caves, once home to early dwellers seeking refuge and solace in their depths. These subterranean chambers offer a rare glimpse into life lived simply yet ingeniously, harmonized with nature’s own design.

Touch the rough-hewn surfaces where generations long past carved out their existence and stand in awe at the endurance of human innovation.

Learning Matera’s History at Casa Noha

Step inside Casa Noha, where the walls echo with stories steeped in centuries. This restored 13th-century house transforms into a canvas for Matera’s storied past through a captivating 25-minute multimedia journey.

Visitors unravel the historical tapestry of Matera, from its ancient cave dwellings to its recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The presentation engages all senses, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the voices, images, and soul of this timeless city.

Casa Noha stands out as more than just a serious art museum; it’s an intimate gateway to understanding how Materans have carved life into these rocky landscapes over millennia. Managed by locals passionate about their heritage, this small yet significant attraction offers profound insight into the evolution of this unique Italian treasure.

After soaking in history at Casa Noha, prepare to step further back in time as you visit Matera’s Duomo—a symbol of architectural splendor awaiting your discovery.

Visiting Matera’s Duomo (Cathedral)

After delving into Matera’s storied past at Casa Noha, the journey through this city of stone and spirituality naturally progresses to its religious crown jewel: the cathedral. Perched on Matera’s highest point, the Duomo watches over the Sassi Barisano like a guardian of history and faith.

Visitors are captivated by its commanding presence as they climb towards it, feeling a sense of ascent not only physically but also spiritually.

Upon entering cave church, one is immediately enveloped in an aura of reverence that reverberates off ancient walls. The intricate Romanesque rose window dazzles with artistry from centuries past while catching shards of light that dance across the nave.

Celebrating both Madonna della Bruna e Sant’Eustachio, every corner speaks volumes about Matera’s devotion through time. Ascend to panoramic views and bask in moments where horizon lines blend seamlessly with architecture, etching memories as everlasting as the cathedral’s four-story bell tower itself.

Eating a Delicious Meal

Savoring Matera’s cuisine becomes an art form as you bite into a slice of focaccia, rich in flavor with olive oil, spices, and sun-kissed cherry tomatoes. In the heart of this ancient city, Italian culinary traditions come alive with smoked cheese melted over freshly made pasta drenched in a velvety tomato sauce.

The scent of wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizzas wafts through the narrow streets, luring diners into intimate eateries where every dish tells a story.

Picture yourself at Trattoria del Caveoso, where family recipes passed down through generations promise an exquisite feast for the senses. Here you’ll experience true Materan hospitality as each plate arrives bursting with local ingredients and centuries-old flavors.

A meal in this storied location isn’t just about sustenance; it’s a gateway to understanding the rich tapestry that is Materan culture. Next on your journey could be venturing underground to Palombaro Lungo—but that’s another adventure entirely.

Venturing Underground at Palombaro Lungo

Delve into the depths of Matera’s heritage at Palombaro Lungo, where ancient civilizations engineered a vast underground cistern beneath Piazza Vittorio Veneto. Imagine standing sixteen meters below the bustling square, surrounded by cavernous walls that span fifty meters in length.

This subterranean marvel isn’t just a relic; it showcases Matera’s ingenious water-harvesting systems and survival strategies that sustained life through centuries.

Experience an exclusive view of historical brilliance as you navigate this enormous structure. The largest cistern in the city, capable of holding five million liters of rainwater, presents itself not merely as an architectural wonder but also as a testament to human resourcefulness.

Feel the cool air and listen to echoes off tuff stone walls—the very fabric of Matera’s rich history resonates around you in this impressive underground domain.

How to Get to Matera

Discover the gateway to this ancient city carved from the earth; finding your path to Matera is an adventure itself, one that beckons with the promise of hidden gems and timeless wonders nestled within Basilicata’s heart.

By Plane

Embarking on your journey to the alluring city of Matera begins with a flight into the welcoming arms of either Bari or Brindisi airports. Travelers savor the convenience as they glide through the skies, anticipating the rich tapestry of culture and history waiting to unfold beneath them.

From these coastal gateways, a scenic drive or a comfortable bus ride whisks you across picturesque landscapes, setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure in Matera.

Choose this aerial route for its efficiency and begin weaving your own narrative amidst Italy’s treasures sooner. Imagine yourself soaring over patchwork fields and ancient towns before landing smoothly, with anticipation building for the next leg of travel – a road trip infused with Italian charm leading straight to Matera’s heart.

Your sophisticated taste for culture is just a flight away from being indulged in one of Italy’s most captivating destinations.

By Car

Traveling to Matera by car not only offers the allure of picturesque views but also provides a level of autonomy unparalleled by other modes of transportation. With keys in hand, you command your journey through Italy’s breathtaking landscapes.

The drive becomes an integral part of the experience as you navigate rolling hills and historic towns, each turn on the road bringing its own unique splendor and story.

Opt for a rental car to uncover Matera’s hidden gems with ease and grace—a decision fitting for those who revel in crafting their own adventure. Glide seamlessly from the cobblestone streets of ancient Rome to the rugged beauty that is the Sassi di Matera, or perhaps choose to detour through Tuscany’s vineyards along the way.

Luxuriate in this freedom; it transforms travel into a personal narrative where every destination, from Venice’s canals to Lake Garda’s serene waters, becomes part of your exquisite Italian tapestry.

By Train

Leaving the car behind, travelers can embrace the ease and elegance of railway travel to reach Matera. Fast trains depart from Rome and other Italian hubs, whisking guests through scenic landscapes direct to this captivating town.

The journey unfolds in comfort, offering a unique opportunity to sit back, relax and anticipate the cultural treasures that await.

Once aboard the train for Matera, savvy travelers know to get off at Altamura—one stop before their final destination—to ensure a smooth connection. In about 5 hours and 21 minutes from Rome’s buzz to Matera’s serene charm, you’ll find yourself transported not only across Italy but into another era entirely.

Throughout your ride, reflect on the ancient Sassi or ponder the insights of Carlo Levi as he described a region untouched by time – making each moment until arrival an integral part of your luxury adventure in Matera.

Where to Stay in Matera

Nestled within Matera’s ancient heart, a myriad of cave hotels offer an enchanting retreat that echoes centuries of history. Here, luxury and heritage converge to provide an unparalleled lodging experience, inviting the discerning traveler to rest amidst the timeless allure of troglodyte living.

Hotel Il Belvedere

Hotel Il Belvedere sits proudly in the heart of Sasso Caveoso, offering guests an extraordinary vantage point to gaze upon the ancient Sassi. Visitors wake up to a stunning tableau right outside their windows, with Matera’s historic landscape stretching out beneath a sun-washed sky.

The hotel provides air-conditioned rooms featuring modern comforts like minibars and flat-screen televisions. Step outside onto the furnished terrace and find yourself amidst breathtaking panoramas that invite reflection at any time of day.

Each stay is enhanced by complimentary amenities such as free WiFi and breakfast, allowing travelers to indulge in Italian cuisine while overlooking the city’s storied cliffs and caverns.

Recognized for exceptional service, Il Belvedere earns accolades from guests seeking both culture and luxury within its elegant embrace. After enjoying a serene sunset from the rooftop terrace, you might venture into B&B La Corte dei Pastori for another perspective on refined Materan lodging arrangements.

B&B La Corte dei Pastori

Nestled within the heart of Matera’s Sasso Caveoso lies the enchanting B&B La Corte dei Pastori. This historic establishment offers a glimpse into Matera’s past with its carefully preserved mosaics and Byzantine crosses, providing an authentic experience for travelers seeking culture and comfort.

Guests are welcomed to luxuriate in rooms once inhabited by ancient dwellers, now renovated with meticulous attention to detail.

Perched atop a panoramic terrace, visitors can breathe in the timeless atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage Site while enjoying modern amenities such as Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the property.

The bed and breakfast boasts a central location in the main square of Sassi di Matera’s historic center, mere steps from immersive cultural discoveries. With its blend of history and hospitality, La Corte dei Pastori stands out as a coveted destination that merges luxury with legacy.

Other Matera Cave Hotels

Matera’s cave hotels offer more than just a place to rest; they provide an immersive experience into the heart of ancient tradition paired with modern comfort. Each hotel carves out its own unique niche within the tufa limestone, creating luxurious havens that seamlessly marry history with contemporary amenities.

Picture yourself winding down serpentine staircases to your private room set against the backdrop of centuries-old stone, where minimalist design complements the raw beauty of Materan architecture.

Visitors can indulge in understated elegance at these boutique lodgings, many boasting spa services that promise relaxation deep within the earth’s embrace. Imagine steaming jacuzzis tucked into alcoves and rejuvenating treatments surrounded by softly lit rock walls—a blissful retreat after exploring Matera’s rich heritage.

They are sanctuaries of calm overlooking enchanting vistas, complete with terraces perched high on cliff sides offering panoramic views that make every sunrise and sunset an event not to be missed.

Here luxury isn’t just found; it is deeply felt through every aspect of an authentic Materan escape.


As the sun dips below the horizon, shadows dance across Matera’s ancient stone façades. Every corner of this timeless city offers a story, whispering tales of resilience and beauty crafted over millennia.

Guests leave with memories engraved not just in their cameras but deep within their souls—a testament to Matera’s enduring allure. The city’s rugged charm captivates hearts, beckoning travelers back to its winding streets and profound history.

Indeed, an encounter with Matera is an invitation to step through the pages of time into a world that continues to inspire awe and wonder.


What can I see in Matera’s Sasso Barisano?

In Matera’s Sasso Barisano, you can explore ancient cave dwellings and architecture like the Casa Grotta, walk the streets where “The Gospel According to St. Matthew” was filmed, and feel history come alive.

Why is Matera known for its cuisine?

Matera is famous for delicious Italian food that tells a story of its heritage; dishes like “peperoni cruschi” show off flavors that have been passed down through generations.

Can I visit historic churches in Matera?

Yes! You can admire gorgeous churches such as San Pietro Caveoso and Il Duomo which showcase Apulian Romanesque architectural style while learning about their deep connection to the Christian church.

Is there nature to explore around Matera?

Absolutely! Nature lovers can revel in the beauty of Murgia National Park or enjoy scenic views at Maratea – each offers a unique look at Italy’s stunning landscapes.

What are some must-visit places for history buffs in Matera?

History enthusiasts must not miss seeing sites like Crypt of Original Sin, learn about how Christ stopped at Eboli or discover archaeological wonders within Esri’s ArcGIS systems revealing stories from Otto II to Geoffrey of Conversano.

Are there any restrictions on driving in Matera?

Yes, be aware that parts of Matëra have a Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL), so check ahead if you’re planning to drive; tourists often find joy exploring casa grotta and los sassi by foot or van.

What makes Matera’s cave houses unique?

Matera’s cave houses, carved into limestone cliffs, offer a distinctive glimpse into a human settlement that has thrived since prehistoric times. These structures, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcase ancient architectural ingenuity in southern Italy.

Can I stay in a cave hotel when visiting Matera?

Yes, you can experience the unique charm of Matera by staying in a cave hotel. These accommodations blend historical elements of cave house with modern luxury, offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the ancient sassi di Matera ambiance.

Are there historical sites near Piazza Vittorio Veneto in Matera?

Absolutely, Piazza Vittorio Veneto in Matera is surrounded by historical sites, including the Sassi districts and numerous rupestrian churches, each offering a fascinating insight into the city’s rich past.

What can I learn about at the Matera Olive Oil Museum?

At the Matera Olive Oil Museum, you can discover the traditional methods of olive oil production and its significance in the region’s culture and cuisine, highlighting the rich agricultural heritage of Matera and southern Italy.

What is special about the Sasso Caveoso district in Matera?

Sasso Caveoso, one of the two sassi districts in Matera, is renowned for its historical cave dwellings, churches carved into rocks, and unique landscape. This district provides a profound look into the continuous occupation and adaptation of human life over thousands of years.

How can I explore the cave churches in Matera?

To explore Matera’s cave churches, you can join guided tours that offer in-depth insights into these ancient religious sites, revealing their historical significance and the role they played in the spiritual life of the city’s inhabitants.

What is the experience like at Trattoria del Caveoso in Matera?

Dining at Trattoria del Caveoso in Matera offers an authentic culinary experience, where you can enjoy traditional dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, reflecting the rich gastronomic culture of the region.

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