Lucca: one of Tuscany’s most popular destinations, discover this beautiful city with a vast history, charming cobbled streets, and great connections to other Tuscan towns.Lucca

Lucca sits at the base of the Apuan Alps, just a short distance from the Versilian Coast in Tuscany. Unlike many of Tuscany’s most beautiful cities and towns, Lucca lies flat in the valley, making it more accessible for any visitors with mobility issues.

The history of this town is very much inscribed into its atmosphere. In fact, it is the only city in Tuscany to still retain in full its medieval town walls. Moreover, these walls now feature a very popular promenade, which circles around the town’s perimeter. Here you can enjoy a gelato on a stroll, or hire a bike and enjoy the views on wheels. Though built in the 16th and 17th Centuries, these ramparts are very much still an important part of Lucca’s modern life.

Within the town you will find many palazzi and torri, dating back all the way to the 12th Century at their oldest. The center of town also features the Piazza San Michele. Here you will find the Chiesa di San Michele in Foro, the Basilica di San Frediano, as well as the Torre Guinigi. The latter especially offers great views over the whole cityscape below. Lucca also exhibits remains of Ancient history in its Roman amphitheater. Though little remains of these ruins, an extremely interesting museum accompanies the site.

Even just wandering the cobbled streets of this charming town is a great way to take in the area. There are plenty of cafés, gelaterie, and restaurants available. It is easy to do as a day trip, however those staying here will not be short of options. Moreover, Lucca is very close to the beautiful Versilian coast, as well as the Montecatini Terme. In the latter, Puccini used to bathe! This famous music composer’s house, Casa Puccini, also lies in Lucca and is now a house museum.

Being one of Tuscany’s most popular destinations, Lucca is very easy to access. It benefits from plenty train and bus connections, and you can also easily get there by car.

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