Genoa: This beautiful port city in Northern Italy offers its visitors an atmospheric historical center as well as the bustle and culture of a modern city.


This city might not be the most famous in Northern Italy, however as capital of the Liguria region, it has a wealth of history and culture to offer its visitors. It is a harbour city in the Northwest of Italy. This city moreover has its own historical center, which consists of narrow lanes that open up onto beautiful and open piazzas.

One of the most famous piazzas is the Piazza de Ferrari, which features a large bronze fountain. It is also home to the Teatro Carlo Felice. Here you can enjoy some high-quality operas in a beautiful theater, before heading to a bar to share your passion for it with friends.

Those wishing to explore the art that Genoa has to offer can make a visit to the Palazzo Rosso. You will find this on the Via Garibaldi. Other than being an exquisite piece of architecture in itself, it is also home to one of Genoa’s best-loved art galleries. The 17th Century palazzo houses works by the likes of Guercino, Bernardo Strozzi, Guido Reni, and Van Dyck. Other galleries that might be of interest include the Palazzo Bianco and the Palazzo Doria Tursi.

Genoa’s cathedral, the Duomo di San Lorenzo is also a sight to behold. Its black and white façade is striking, and its frescoed interiors breathtaking. Take your time look at its insides especially, where gilded and detailed paintings steal the spotlight.

Down in the harbor you can see the Lanterna di Genova. This is the city’s princiapl light house. Genoa has an important history as a port town. In fact, it used to be called  La Superba or Dominante dei Mare because of the immense power it yielded over maritime industries! Next to the lighthouse, you can go to visit its museum, which details the city’s importance throughout maritime history.

There is much more to see and do in this city. Children might enjoy such attractions as the Genovese aquarium, or the Christopher Columbus museum. The latter actually grew up in Genoa, after moving here with his family at just four years old.

As the capital of Liguria, Genoa is very easy to access. Train and bus connections will be easy to find, and you can fly to its own airport.

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