Cefalù: just east of Palermo, discover the beautifully quaint fishing town of Cefalù that also doubles as seaside resort to tourists and locals alike.

You will find this delightful seafront town just an hour’s drive away from Palermo, Sicily. Cefalù offers a unique combination of beautiful sandy beaches, a medieval historical center, and Arab-Norman architecture.

Cefalù’s characteristic houses line the sweeping bay, baking in the direct sunlight. Its town center offers small medieval side streets, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars. It is one of Sicily’s best-known seaside resorts, and attracts locals and tourists in equal number. In the charmingly picturesque port, you can take you evening passeggiata and listen to fisherman chatting about the day’s work. Back in the town center, the Piazza del Duomo is well worth a visit. Here you can wonder at the 12th-century Arab-Norman Cathedral, sitting on the sandy-colored piazza amongst palm trees.

Alternatively, enjoy the sunset from one of Cefalù’s beaches. The main beach is the Lungomare, a stretch of 5km of sandy shoreline which also offers a wide variety of facilities. For those looking for a little more seclusion, the Mazzaforno beach is only 3km west of Cefalù. It essentially several smaller beaches, given that its shoreline is split into smaller sections by protruding rocks. Another are that is popular with locals is the Settefrati beach. This also provides many facilities, restaurants, snack bars, and also lifeguards.

For those seeking a little more exercise than a simple wander through the town, you can climb La Rocca. This mass of rock looms over Cefalù with majestic presence. Though the climb isn’t the easiest, the view that greets you at the top is completely worth it. Moreover, high on this mass, you will find the remains of an Ancient Temple to Diana, and also a Saracen stronghold.



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