The charismatic town of Altamura is located on Murge’s plateau, in the southern region of Apulia (Puglia). It has an optimal and convenient location as it is only 40 minutes drive away from the city of Bari and its airport. This city is well-known for its typical bread called Pane di Altamura, made from re-milled durum wheat semolina that is locally produced. The production of this special bread is subject to legal restriction that stipulates the use of only locals products.

Altamura has had an important historical influence, the remains of which you can still enjoy to this day. A particular architectural treasure, for example, is the Altamura Museum, in which some artefacts date back 2,500 years. Furthermore, the Altamura Cathedral is a beautiful and well-conserved church that is certainly worth a visit. It was built between 1232 and 1242 by Frederick II of Swabia, however the façade was renovated around the 14th Century.

This lovely town is ideal for architecturally passionate people and curious travellers.

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